LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 9: Noir Night-Mayor

Time for a trip to the roaring ’20s in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, as we explore Fisk Tower in Manhattan Noir — a black and white world where hard-boiled heroes rule the streets. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Spider-Man (Noir) are all accounted for, and you’ll join them on a quest to defeat the Kingpin.

The boss of all crime, the Kingpin, is running for Mayor and only the Defenders can stop his crooked bid for election. While exploring the gilded age offices, you’ll also have to deal with alien mobsters and a very angry Hammerhead — a pulpy gangster with an indestructible flat-top. Things get even more interesting when you reach Kingpin’s swinging party. There’s a lengthy boss fight against Kingpin himself and Elekra (Noir). Now that’s a dame you don’t want to mess with.

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Walkthrough | Level 9: Nor Night-Maayor


At this point in the story, you’ll have to choose one of three team – for our purposes, we’re going with Team Spider-Man first. Go to Kun-Lan, then follow the ghost studs to Noir City – finish the side-jobs for the Defenders. Daredevil’s mission is a little tricky. Walk around the city and talk to citizens until you get enough info, then talk to Daredevil. Luke Cage’s job is a little easier, you just need to return to Avengers Mansion and create a custom character that matches his signpost.

When that’s all done, you’ll dive into a mission with the Defenders as they infiltrate Fisk Tower in the roaring ’20s! You’ll be in a team with Iron First, Daredevil, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man Noir. Ahead, Kingpin’s goons will barricade themselves in the office. Smash all the furniture near the electronically locked door to build a pole switch. Hang from the switch to unlock the door, then use Ms. Marvel to shrink into the electrical panel and flip the switch.

All her mechanical wizardly will cause the Kingpin painting to topple. Defeat the incoming gangsters, then build the hopping bricks – you’ll build a fan and a ledge near the exit vent. Ms. Marvel can squeeze into the vent and reach the interior office. Pull open the front door so your team can join you. But, Ms. Marvel has more tricks up her stretchy sleeves. Break the electricity panel connected to the radio and pull the red handle on the left.

That will disable the security system and free a strange dragon artifact. Iron Fist can use that red LEGO dragon – hold [Circle / B] to charge your Chi, then shoot it into the dragon mouth until it is fully charged. It will spit out more hopping bricks. Construct a Ms. Marvel pad and use it to unlock the safe – it’s filled with more hopping bricks! Build those, and the ringing phone generates yet another batch of hopping bricks. Build those and pull the power handles with Ms. Marvel.

In the fancy hallway ahead, you’ll face off with Hammerhead! He’s a gun-toting lackey, working for Kingpin, and he’s got a small army of goons. Fight to the lobby outside Fisk’s office and swap to Daredevil to enter the “?” zone to initiate a boss fight. Hammerhead is pretty simple, so pummeling him is about all the strategy you need. Eventually he’ll become invincible. When he does, build the hopping bricks and activate the LEGO camera with Spider-Man, pulling the red handle.

When Hammerhead is down, enter Kingpin’s office to find him partying after his Mayoral victory. The festivities don’t last long – Kingpin shines a bright light on the heroes and summons Elektra Noir to the fight! Defeat her, and his headlights will temporarily turn out, revealing a pair of Ms. Marvel power handles. Pull the handles and build the bricks to create a Ms. Marvel pad. Turn into a big bubble and roll to turn Kingpin’s car around.

Blast Kingpin’s car with Spider-Man Noir’s pistols, then prepare for an up-close-and-personal fight with Fisk.

When Kingpin’s vehicle is spun all the way around, you’ll be able to destroy the sci-fi engine on the back. He’ll continue to spin around on his own, revealing turrets on the doors. Blast both with Spider-Man Noir’s long-ranged attacks! When they’re busted, defeat goons until more hopping bricks appear and you can create a bright red button. Jump on it to eject Kingpind and continue the battle on-foot.

With Kingpin outside his car, you’ll need to find another way to make the big crime boss vulnerable. Construct the new hopping bricks in the arena and use the control panel with Spider-Man. Kingpin loves this song, and he’ll cut a rug until he’s too exhausted to fight back. Beat him down to complete this level!