LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 6: High-Noon Saloon

The references are even more obscure in Level 6 of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 — everyone knows the manic, over-sized face of MODOK, but you’ll also encounter heroes and villains from Marvel’s lesser-known cowboy comics. The heroic desperado Kid Colt joins your team of time-hopping Avengers, and you’ll have to fight the evil circus-boss Captain Corbett after his kidnaps Baby Groot.

Starting out in an old-time saloon, MODOK crashes the party and Captain America (from the past) helps bring the insane machine down. That’s when the circus shows up and takes Baby Groot, trapping Rocket Raccoon on a runaway train with his team of diabolical clowns. You’ll have to fight from the caboose to the engine to save the day and locate a very important McGuffin.

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Walkthrough | Level 6: High-Noon Saloon


You’ll start with Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and Thor. The action starts off fast, because Man-Thing appears. To destroy the big green monster’s shields, attack the vines that appear out of the swamp. Once enough vines are broken, Man-Thing will be stunned. Pummel him!

After that, catch a ride to the Old West. The whole Chronopolis is available to explore now! When you’re ready, check the saloon in the Old West to start Level 6. Here you’ll take control of Gamora, Drax, Rocket Racoon, and Captain America – that’s old west Sheriff Captain America to you.

You can finally explore all of Chronopolis at this point in the story.

MODOK, that weird flying machine-man-thing is in the saloon! Destroy the glowing LEGO objects and construct the hopping bricks near the stage to create an electricity panel. Zap it with Rocket Raccoon to disable the shield, now you can beat up MODOK! Follow him around the saloon, smacking him around until he retreats and new poles appear above the stage.

Use the swinging poles to reach the pole at the top-center above the stage. That opens a trap door full of hopping bricks. Construct the parts to build a cannon that blasts through the barrier, forcing MODOK back into the fight. Keep pummeling him until he brings up his forcefield – to take it down, use Drax to smash the red cracked floor to reveal a Beam Deflect Pad. Gamora can use that!

MODOK just won’t stay down. At the last phase of the fight, push the barrel on the upper-right balcony to squish this fiend.

Shoot MODOK with his own laser beam – and he isn’t beaten yet! His shield is still active. Go up the stairs to the balcony on the right, then push the barrel down the tracks to fall on MODOK’s head. That completes the first section, but there’s more! After a quick encounter with an evil circus troupe, Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon get kidnapped.

It’s up to Star-Lord and his new pal Kid Colt to board the runaway train and save their Guardian pals. Move right and use the twirl poles to get by the snake charmer’s pets. Defeat the charmer and smash the LEGO crate to clear the path and build the hopping bricks to create a Gravity Booster. Toss a Star-Lord mine onto the booster to pull down a crane and create a path across the large gap.

Kid Colt’s whip is perfect for pulling on red handles.

Blast your way through the fire-breathers and hop through the burning rings to reach a pile of trampolines. Smash all the LEGO objects nearby and build the hopping bricks into a new red trampoline. Push it to the end of the tracks and bounce up to the train car roof. Use Kid Colt’s explosive TNT to blast the armored goons and then pummel the ringleader Captain Corbett until he retreats.

After Corbett retreats, fly around the bear cage with Star-Lord and build the hopping bricks to create a Gravity Mine Booster. Use a mine, and the newly-freed President Bear will help you. Enter the giant cannon, then shoot the target to rescue your crewmates.