LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 7: Surtur-n Doom

Visit Thor’s homeland of Asgard and face off against the Fire Giant Surtur in a quick LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 level. The team stops off at Asgard only to find the place totally ruled by the evil Loki, and he’s not about to let Thor (or the Avengers) continue their fight against Kang the Conqueror. Instead of fighting personally, Surtur, a giant made of fire, appears to wreck someone’s day.

This is a pretty short level, and despite Loki’s duplicitousness, he joins your team to fight the fire giant. You’ll have a pretty big squad this time, including Thor (Jane Foster), Captain America, and Captain Marvel. That should be more than enough heavyweight heroes to bring down a B-list mythological monster like Surtur.

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Walkthrough | Level 7: Surtur-n Doom


Visit Asgard for extra aid locating the lost pup in space. As it turns out, Loki, Thor’s evil brother, has taken over – but he’s actually here to help. You’ll have Thor, Thor (Jane Foster), Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Loki on your side at the start, just as the fire giant Surtur appears.

Put out the fires in the center of the arena with Captain America’s shield, then build a catapult. Throw Cap’s shield into the Cap Shield Slot to do some damage to Surtur.

To beat Surtur, fight his endless swarm of minions and look on the right side. Melt the gold statue with Captain Marvel’s laser, then build the bricks to create a water barrel deposit. Grab it with any power character and throw the barrel at Surtur when you’re close – about two more hits should do it.

That’s when he’ll attack in tiny, minifig-form – keep pummeling! When he gets big again, use the Cap Shield Pad to bounce Captain America’s shield off the bumper to the right. Keep smashing when he’s tiny, and you’ll complete this quick level.