LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 15: Red King Revelation

A visit to Lemuria goes all wrong in another LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 mission. Team Captain America’s first quest while searching for Nexus fragments sends the team down to Lemuria, but after an untimely ambush, the heroes are instead dropped into a Coliseum ruled over by the Red King. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Red King has collected four different Hulks, and he’s got them all under his super-powered control!

This scene is heavily inspired by Thor: Ragnarock — if you’ve seen the trailer, you know what’s going on! An armored Hulk and Thor face each other in a no-holds-barred super-match. Your heroes don’t stand a chance, so don’t even bother trying to fight these big green destruction-machines. Instead, follow the steps below and learn how to break Hulk free of Red King’s control.

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Walkthrough | Level 15: Red King Revelation


The first mission for Team Captain America leads our four heroes down to Lemuria. You’ll have Thor, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Doctor Strange to help search for one of those missing Nexus fragments. No tricks for this mission, just swim down to Lemuria and interact with the glowing story mission waypoint.

Unfortunately, you won’t be in Lemuria for long. Instead, you’re sent to an otherworldy coliseum to fight an entire gang of angry Hulks. Don’t bother fighting the Hulks, they’ll just smash you. Instead, swap to Captain Marvel and melt the goon on the golden LEGO hover-chariot above a Hulk. When the Hulk gets free, he’ll throw a small fit, smashing some LEGO stuff. Go to the hopping bricks and build a Cap Shield Slot. Use it to open the gates, revealing a new gold LEGO chariot.

Melt this chariot with Captain Marvel’s beam attack and construct the pieces – the chicken will really anger Hulk! That summons another goon with a glowing staff. Destroy the second staff with Doctor Strange – stand under the red handle and press [Circle / B] to pull it down.

That causes another pile of hopping bricks to appear on the opposite end of the stadium. Construct, and then use Captain America on the Cap Shield Pad to bounce his shield on the red bumper, opening the gate and summoning a rock monster! That guy doesn’t last very long in a fight against the Hulk. Smash the remains to construct a plate of rock cakes! Use Doctor Strange to move the plate and you’ll make Smash even angrier.

One last staff to destroy. The third hover-chariot can be destroyed by Thor. Charge his hammer with electricity, then unleash lightning on the panel underneath the chariot to destroy it, freeing Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok) from his imprisonment. The Red King doesn’t much like that, and he summons a giant worm to attack the heroes.

Reflect the worm’s laser back at it!


You’ve got Hulk unlocked, but you’ll need to switch back to Captain America. Use his shield stomp to put out the fire in the arena, then smash the object and build to create a Cap Shield Pad. Reflect the giant worm’s laser beam at the gold LEGO spots on the creature’s body. When one is destroyed, the Red King will attack with his mech suit. Switch to Hulk and dodge until his shields go down, then attack! Hulk is the best at fighting the Red King, and even gets some unique attack animations.

When Red King is at 50% health, he’ll return to his giant snake monster. Destroy the LEGO chests that appear to create a new Cap Shield Pad. Destroy the second gold LEGO on the worm, then continue to beat down the Red King’s mech suit. At almost 0%, the Red King will retreat to the snake again! Smash the LEGO boxes, build another Cap Shield Pad, and destroy the larger gold LEGO section to reveal an Electrical Panel. Zap it with Thor’s lightning-infused hammer to truly defeat this bad guy.