LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 18: The Road To Knowhere

Avengers, assemble! After a failed attempt to use the power of the Nexus fragments, Kang launches a full-scale attack on your home base. The story is kicking into overdrive in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, and there are only two more levels to complete. Oddly enough, this level doesn’t actually feature a big boss fight — maybe one of the only levels to end that way — but don’t worry, there’s plenty of climactic stuff waiting for us in the last two levels.

Let’s recap — to break down the shield defenses around Kang the Conqueror’s fortress in the center of Chronopolis, the Avengers need to summon Knowhere, a gigantic derelict skull of a Celestial. This head is powerful enough to disable Kang’s defenses, and after acquiring all five Nexus fragments from the city, the heroes can summon Knowhere with a clever device constructed by Tony Stark and friends. It sounds complicated, but by the end of this level, Knowhere will be summoned and the Avengers can begin their offensive. Time to take Kang down.

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Walkthrough | Level 18: The Road To Knowhere


Time to finally confront Kang! Climb up to the roof of Avengers Mansion, then get to work. Repair the broken LEGO object, then smash the brown LEGO crates and build all three parts of the computer.

Last, use the terminal on the big blue crate and input the code that appears. It’ll break like everything else, so get constructing – there’s a piece missing! Look down from the roof, left of the device to find the last piece. When that’s done, you’ll be able to enter the level proper.

Kang is attacking Avengers Mansion! Instead of contacting a giant Celestial head, you’ll reach out to Ego the Living Planet by mistake. Oops! For this level, you’ll join Wasp, Spider-Man 2099 and Black Bolt as they try to fix whatever went wrong with the Nexus fragment machine.

Near the front door of the mansion, smash all three LEGO containers (one is glass, so use Black Bolt’s sonic attack) to create a pull-handle Spider-Man can use. Turn the valve to put out the fires to the right of the main doors.

With the fires put out, smash the purple LEGO object at the base of the tiny maze, then shrink with Wasp and fly to the red button – pressing it realigns the maze so Wasp to continue to fly up and push the LEGO blocks out so a hopping pile appears below. Build those new hopping LEGO bricks, then use the terminal – align the satellite dish until the green bars are full. Basically, move the dish up and right!

Go left when that’s done and start pushing the green end of the turn-style below the big screen. Just keep pushing and you’ll eventually totally align the satellite network. After completing this task, you’ll swap to Team 2; that’s Captain America, White Tiger and Thor. They’ll head into the mansion backyard and work on restoring power to Iron Man’s systems.

In the backyard, start by pulling the strength handles on the scaffolding on the left side with Thor, then digging up the LEGO dirt pile with White Tiger. Keep White Tiger, and jump up the wall-jump shaft to reach a switch at the top. Leave her hanging on the switch. Now you can build a Cap Shield Pad and throw your shield into the red LEGO bumpers. Construct all the hopping bricks that drop down and you’ll get 50% power.

Find the central turbine generator and move right, following the red wire. To the right of the station, you’ll see green LEGO vines blocking an electricity panel. Cut down the vines with White Tiger and charge the panel with Thor’s lightning.

The gate will break open, and now you can hop onto the lawnmower and cut all the tall grass – there are five spots. Dig up all the dirt at these five spots to get the pieces you need to turn the power station into a giant mouse wheel! Jump in, just like a vehicle, and start running to charge it up.

Now you can flip the switch at the main turbine to complete the Team 2 portion of the level. Now, we’ll join Team 3 on the roof – that’s She-Hulk, Rocket-Raccoon, and Spider-Gwen.

On the roof, defeat the incoming Kang minions to keep Doctor Strange’s progress meter increasing. When it gets high enough, Strange will summon Knowhere – the giant head of a celestial! That means we’ve got one more stop before hitting Kang’s fortress.