LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 11: Symbiote Surprise

The New York of the future (a.k.a. Nuevo York) is situated just across the water from the regular Manhattan we all know and love in the mixed-up world of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. You’ll have to fight your way through the Alchemax building in this sci-fi alternate history, chasing a Green Goblin while fighting swarms of dangerous symbiote creatures.

It all leads to an epic encounter with Carnom! The insane combination of Carnage and Venom is a powerful creature — one that not even the Green Goblin of the future can handle alone. Mixing these two villains probably wasn’t the best idea in the world, but you’ll have some back-up in the form of a future Spider-Man. He’s one of the best in the business, but he’ll only stick around for this mission. Until you unlock him for Free Play, that is.

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Walkthrough | Level 11: Symbiote Surprise


Let’s stick with Team Spider-Man and continue the search for Nexus fragments. Another is located in Nueva York, the future version of Manhattan, and Spider-Man (with Ms. Marvel) are on the case. At the Alchemax building, follow the electricity currents and defeat future Electro each time to unlock the story level.

Inside Alchemax, even more heroes will join your team. You’ll have Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel at your disposal. Go to the window on the right side and defeat the symbiote-possessed scientists that break through the glass. Pull down the Spidey handle, then enter the electricity panel with Ms. Marvel. That opens a the security room door – fight through another batch of scientists to hit the button inside.

That makes a series of buttons appear near the large exit gate. Use the security terminal with Spider-Man and flip through the images on the terminal until you find a sequence that matches the floor buttons. Leave that up and copy the pattern to open the door leading deeper into Alchemax.

In the reactor room, use Spider-Gwen to charge and release a Sonar attack that smashes the glowing blue LEGO glass. Enter the room filled with purple radiation with She-Hulk and smash all the glowing LEGO objects inside. Build, then push both green handles to start the fans. Continue up the ladder to the second floor above the radiation room and pull the power handles with She-Hulk.

With the door open, Spider-Man can use the computer terminal and activate the generator puzzle. Use the blue handles to push the purple generator through the holes. That’s one power core uploaded. We need another. Go to the room on the right and start pushing the crate on the tracks – to get by the electricity, go up to the second floor with Ms. Marvel (through the vent) and hang from the electricity switch, then pull the first floor switch to move the lasers. When the crate is in the lift, pull the second floor switch to raise it up and push it to the left corner.

That deposits a second core into the main generator room. Swap to Spider-Man and use the same terminal he used before to drop the purple device through all the holes. When both cores at in place, the generator will be active and the exit door to the far right will finally unlock. Time to face a futuristic goblin.

Goblin isn’t alone. In the chamber ahead, he’ll send his latest creation to defeat the assorted Spider-Men and Spider-Women – Carnom! It’s a combination of Carnage and Venom, and it’s one ugly monster. Take him down with a steady series of attacks, and defeat the minions that are summoned as they appear when Carnom swings around. He’ll eventually drop back down.

The fight really picks up when Carnom is defeated – he’ll transform into Maximum Carnom! A gigantic monster that’s more mouth (and teeth!) than man. When it starts to spit venom, dodge until the big guy starts to choke up, giving you some time to attack. When he’s defeated, Spider-Man will get a QTE to knock out Carnom for good.