LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2: How To Use Cheats | Cheat Code List

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 includes one feature we don’t see very often in games nowadays — cheat codes.

Early in the game, after completing the first level, you’ll gain access to Gwenpool’s computer in her room over at the Avengers Mansion. From there, you can input all sorts of codes to unlock cool characters that aren’t so easy to find in-game. If you want to fast-track your progress and start unlocking awesome characters right away, keep scrolling down for all the cheat codes available so far.

To give you a sneak peak at the available characters, you’ll find alternate versions of famous heroes and villains (The Vision / The Vulture), alternate costumes (Baby Groot Ravager) or just some of the more obscure heroes (Misty Knight) in Marvel’s long line-up. There are tons of Spider-People, and it’s important to remember that each character comes with a variety of powers you can use in free-roam to complete even more challenges. Cheat codes are just cool.

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How To Use Cheats

Cheat codes can be input at (almost!) any time during the story over at the Avengers Mansion. In the mansion, enter the left room on the second floor of the foyer — that’s Gwenpool’s room. The alternate-universe version of Deadpool has two awesome features in her room. You can purchase Pink Bricks and input cheat codes.

  • How To Input Cheat Codes:
    • Use the right computer in Gwenpool’s Room, located in the left second floor room, in the Foyer of Avengers Mansion.


Cheat codes are used to unlock additional characters, and lots of them are pretty cool. If you’re new to the Marvel universe, you might not know all of them, but some are really cool. You can unlock The Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming, or The Vision from Captain America: Civil War. There are lots of codes, so let’s dive in.

Cheat Codes List

  • Antman: BCR7QJ
  • Baby Groot (Ravager): QG3VH9
  • Captain Britain: M68P3L
  • Crimson Dynamo: CDS278
  • Darkstar: S947TP
  • Giant-Man (Hank Pym): GAVK9R
  • Grandmaster (Ragnarok): LBYT59
  • Green Goblin: XG7SAL
  • Hawkeye: G6K2VM
  • Hellcow: NCMJU4
  • Hulkling: 5G7HFS
  • Loki: JDNQMV
  • Maestro: HCE926
  • Militant: UUTZNC
  • Misty Knight: BK9B3Y
  • Ragnarok: HL7L7Y
  • Scarlet Spider: JD9GQA
  • Songbird: D6LJ4P
  • Spiderman UK: RMADXF
  • Spider Woman: CW9BRS
  • Vision (Civil War): 4U9DAT
  • Vulture (Homecoming): 7KDY3L
  • Winter Soldier: 8KD3F6

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