LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 5: Hydra Hijinks

The Hydra Empire rules an alternate-reality version of Manhattan in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, and you’ll need to explore the concrete-and-neon dystopia before the Avengers can access the flying blimp above the city. This time, you’ll have Black Panther, Star-Lord and Captain America to help you defeat the forces of evil. Don’t forget to summon a jet so you can reach the blimp!

In Level 5, Klaw escapes to the flying fortress in the Hydra Empire section of Chronopolis. You’ll have to do battle with Baron Zemo and contend with an army of powerful Hydra soldiers, including alternate-reality, evil Avengers. Iron Man and Hawkeye get a bad-guy makeover in this level, so don’t feel too bad about beating them up.

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Walkthrough | Level 5: Hydra Hijinks


Before starting this level, you can summon a Quinjet and zip up to the Hydra airship entrance, or just swap to Star-Lord and fly to the receptacle. You’ll need to collect some Vibranium scrap to deposit in the machine to unlock the door to Level 5. Check the minimap and use Star-Lord to find the chunks.

In this level, you’ll have Black Panther, Captain America, and Star-Lord to help defeat the evil forces of Hydra. Klaw is somewhere on this ship, but the evil Dr. Zola is protecting him. Go tight, wall-jump and grab the pole at the top to pull down another wall-jump, uh, wall! At the top, defeat the goons and then reflect Klaw’s laser beams at the gold LEGO bombs with Captain America.

Stand on the Cap Shield Pad when Klaw appears. Reflect his lasers onto the gold LEGO bombs to blow a hole forward.

Ahead, smash all the LEGO objects near the big barrier of junk. Build a Cap Shield Pad, and a Cap Shield Bumper, then hit the switch to lower two crates. Use the Shield Pad to bounce Cap’s shield and smash the crates, then build the hopping bricks to create a Gravity Booster. Use Star-Lord’s mines to tear down the barrier and continue moving right. Climb the ladder and place Captain America on the Shield Pad to Black Panther can jump up and use the control panel.

The bridge will lower and reveal Klaw, along with his two evil Hydra pals – Hydra Iron Man and Hydra Hawkeye. Beat up the Fake-Avengers first, and Klaw’s shield will dissipate, leaving him vulnerable to regular attacks. After he takes a little damage, he’ll start summoning an endless array of Hydra goons and shield troopers. The shield troopers are the worst, but you can mostly ignore them. Defeat the Fake-Avengers a second time when they wake up, and you can defeat Klaw.

Captain America flies, and Star-Lord shoots! Swap to Star-Lord to shoot Baron Zemo down.

The level isn’t over, though! Baron Zemo appears, and Captain America (with help from Star-Lord) commandeer a Hydra plane to shoot the Baron down. Swap to Star-Lord and Captain America will focus on flying for you – aim for Zemo and shoot down his missiles! He’ll summon helper planes too, so be quick about blasting them. When Vibranium Troopers land on your plane, swat them off! When Zemo’s plane goes down, you’ll complete the stage.