LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 1: No Eson of Mine

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 begins with a world in crisis. The evil Kang the Conqueror is attacking, and only the Guardians of the Galaxy can stop them.

In the first level of the story, you’ll take control of Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon — you’ll explore your ship, save civilians on the planet’s surface, and face off against a being from beyond time and space. Eson the Explorer, a super-obscure Marvel character, appears at the end of the stage to really challenge our heroes.

But you don’t have to be challenged. If you’re ever lost, confused, or just need a helping hand to get through the 20-something story levels in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, we’re here to help. Browse through the gallery to see how awesome each level looks, and scroll through the text below for tips to complete every single step of the level. Unlike the Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re totally free.

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Walkthrough | Level 1: No Eson of Mine


Let’s get this party started! Star-Lord, Drax and Gamora – three members of the Guardians of the Galaxy – are about to go on a very important mission. In the hold, move toward the foreground until you find the broken LEGO hatch – to open it, smash the glowing LEGO computer thing on the right, then press the button. Anyone can press big red buttons. Just press [Circle / B] when you get close.

In the hallway, you’ll find a glowing pile of hopping LEGO bricks. Build them and push the green turn-style to reveal a button. Step on the red button to ride the left down into the cargo bay. Below, throw a gravity mine with Star-Lord (press [Circle / B] again!) to destroy the metal LEGO blocking the button. Press that button and drop through the hole to really start your mission!

Down on the planet’s surface, you’ll find Kang the Conqueror’s minions ruining the city. You’ll need to save three civilians – helpfully, Star-Lord can actually fly! Let’s get into each batch of civilians, and how to save them.

Fly to the burning room in the background with Star-Lord and lower the ladder to Drax can reach the roof.

Civilians #1: For the first group, fly toward the burning building in the background to initiate a cutscene. You need to put out the fire to save them – to the left, there’s a ladder. Fly to the top with Star-Lord and stand on the button to activate the ladder so your friends can climb up into the area above. Drax can smash the cracked glowing-red wall, then hit the switch to summon a drone.

Civilians #2: After dropping into the room where the civilians were hiding, push the green turn-style and construct the glowing hopping bricks into a big ball. Use Drax to ride the ball down, and then use Star-Lord’s gravity mines on the marker that appears at the broken fountain below. That will reveal green power handles – Drax can use those! Pull the green power handles to save another batch of civilians.

Civilians #3: The next group of civilians are in the safety ball below, in the ruined area near the water. Move toward the foreground and drop down, aiming at the silver LEGO bricks. Target the metal LEGO stuff with Rocket Raccoon – he’s the demolitions expert, after all. To help they reach the boat, interact with the LEGO plants to the right with Baby Groot.

Hop on the turret to shoot this annoying enemy spaceship out of the sky.

After saving all the civilians, an enemy shoot will start blasting the Guardians’ swanky spaceship. To defend it, swap to Rocket Raccoon and build the glowing / hopping bricks, then hack into the computer terminal. Raccoon can hack it – follow the prompts as they appear and a turret will appear on your ship. Fly up with Star-Lord’s cool jetpack and commandeer the guns to blast the bad guys.

Say hello to Eson the Searcher – this massive machine is summoned by Kang to destroy the Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s nothing you can do to defeat it, and Kang is constantly reversing time to reset Eson’s attacks. To get started, wait for Eson to smash the burning ship in the center of the arena, then build with the hopping bricks. That creates a Gravity Mine Booster – throw a mine with Star-Lord, and after a lot of explosions, the time-beam will reverse time and rebuild the destroyed LEGO ship. Pilot that ship, and aim for Eson’s hand!

Eson the Explorer, a Celestial from the end of time itself, arrives to stomp on the Guardians.

Eson replies with another attack, destroying your ship but revealing a weak point on his shoulder. With the arm disabled, step on the button with Star-Lord and then walk onto the launch pad that reveals itself on Eson’s wrist with Drax – only Drax can destroyed the cracked LEGO wall on Eson’s shoulder. Bust through and turn the valve inside – that disable the shield on Eson’s chest!

Now that the chest is vulnerable, fly close with Star-Lord and blast the glowing green orb. Eventually, a Gravity Booster will appear – throw one of Star-Lord’s mines at the booster to totally wreck up Eson. Hang on, and this Celestial is defeated.