LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 17: I Sphinx We Have A Problem!

The quest for the five Nexus fragments is almost complete as Team Captain America delves into an ancient pyramid in Level 17 of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. The evil Loki has disguised himself as a Pharaoh to trick the heroes into a trap-filled dungeon full of angry scorpions and undead fiends. Did we mention traps? This level is full of traps.

To escape, you’ll have to swap between two teams of heroes, solving puzzles and unlocking doors for the alternating team, all with the goal to reach the center of the gauntlet. There are spikes, crumbling platforms, arrow-shooting contraptions, and endless minion spawning sarcophagi. At the end of the trek, you’ll fight the Living Mummy — yet another obscure Marvel villain, but one that can be beaten with a few super-heroic tips.

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Walkthrough | Level 17: I Sphinx We Have A Problem!


The next Nexus fragment is in Ancient Egypt. Fly to the pyramids, and you’ll meet up with an NPC that wants you to complete three trials. First, you’ll have to complete a time trial while riding a Camel – it’s easy, I was able to finish it with 20 seconds to spare. The second trial is at the steps of the great pyramid. Talk to the NPC again, and you’ll have to fight 15 mummy-monster henchmen.

The last trial is through the doors to the Great Pyramid, and it’s a full level. In the pyramid, you’ll gain Horus – a true ancient Egyptian hero! Swap to him in the first room and melt the three gold LEGO pedestals near the obelisk and construct the bricks to create a green turn-style. Push it so the obelisk light shines on the exit door.

Next, you’ll enter a room filled with spiders and a statue in the center. Smash the black LEGO statue to reveal a Doctor Strange marker – complete the rune and then look at the wall to the left. Four rune blocks will drop on the floor. Use Doctor Strange to place the rune blocks in the slots, matching the order on the hieroglyphics – in order from top to bottom. Get the right order, and the wall will lower, revealing a portal Doctor Strange can activate.

Through the portal, you’ll automatically switch to Hulk and Captain America. They’re stuck in an entirely different room! Use Hulk to smash the glowing cracked LEGO wall, then construct the pieces to create a spider vehicle. Ride the spider with Captain America and dig up the two piles of LEGO bricks at the base of the stairs, revealing a second pile of LEGO stuff. You’ll also need to dig up a pile near the exit door itself! Build all the hopping bricks and hang from the handle of the plunger with Captain America to blow open the door.

Dodge through the traps in the hallway ahead! Captain America is best at this gauntlet – press the button at the end so Hulk can follow without getting stuck with an arrow. Up the steps, defeat the giant scorpion and smash the LEGO rumble to reveal a Cap Shield Pad. Use it to bounce Cap’s shield off the red LEGO bumper, and the next door will lower.

In the flooded room, smash the cracked LEGO wall with Hulk, then press the button to raise the water level. To help your friends, go up the steps to the area with the tracks. Push the chair (with the skeleton sitting on it!) to the end of the LEGO tracks. When it drops down, the doors forward for Captain Marvel, Thor, Horus and Doctor Strange will open, switching you over to their perspective.

Press the button at the end of the hallway with moving platforms to disable the arrow-shooters. Ahead, melt the LEGO gold off the giant statue until a pile of hopping bricks appears. Build the remote control panel and use it with Captain Marvel – you’ll need to complete an annoying sliding tile puzzle. This one, thankfully, shouldn’t take too long.

Dodge and weave through another trap gauntlet and hit the button at the end to disable it – then run to the end with Doctor Strange. He can use his time powers to raise the LEGO sphinx out of the sand, causing it to spit out a bunch of fresh hopping bricks. The pieces create a new handle switch that, when activated, opens one-half of the locks to the center of the great pyramid.

Switching back to Hulk and Captain America, jump over the quicksand with Hulk (Cap just can’t make it!) and then shrink down to Dr. Banner to press the button, creating a path for Cap. Smash the giant hourglass ahead and stand on the button underneath with Banner to make poles appear – Captain America can swing on those! Swing across all the agility poles and press the button to create a path for Hulk. When he’s over the bottomless pit, you can pull down the door with green power handles.

After tearing down the exit door, build the hopping bricks and hang from the switch to finally unlock the door in the center of the dungeon. You’re reunited, so it’s time to venture inside. That Pharaoh turns out to be… Loki! He uses the Nexus fragment to revive the Living Mummy, and this undead fiend is feeling especially vengeful today. Start the battle by smashing the LEGO bricks on the right side of the arena and using the reflection pad – Doctor Strange can reflect the Living Mummy’s yellow beam back at his shield.

Continue to defeat mummy bad guys until the Living Mummy returns and makes a cracked LEGO wall appear in the back-left corner of the room. Smash through the cracked wall with Horus and construct the hopping bricks – once again, you’ll make a reflection pad. Stand on it with Doctor Strange and bounce the evil mummy’s magic beam back at him. After breaking his shield twice, the Living Mummy will only have a fraction of his health remaining. Pummel him and swap heroes when you get trapped to beat this boss.