LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 20: Out of Time [Finale]

Kang is ‘Out of Time’ in this climactic level of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. This is finally it, the last mission in an extended story campaign. The Avengers raid Kang’s Tower in the center of Chronopolis, and encounter more than a few tricks and traps on the way there. Kang pulls out all the stops, and summons villains from your previous encounters in the final battle.

The last boss is total chaos, but this is a complete level, so there’s plenty of area to explore. You can easily get lost in the complicated level geometry, and it isn’t always so obvious what you need to do next with your team. After climbing the tower and defeating Kang, you’ll finally be able to fully explore Chronopolis in peace — and there are tons of activities to take part in after the main story is complete.

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Walkthrough | Level 20: Out of Time


The shields are down on Kang’s Fortress. Time to face the evil mastermind and bring an end to his schemes! Hop aboard the Quinjet – Wasp is kind enough to send you one in

the Free Roam city. Fly to the top of the tower, but Kang locks the area down! Start by destroying the drones – there are three waves. The waypoint marker will point at each of the drone bays – go to each one (there are six total) and smash the LEGO object inside to lower the barrier to the final level.

Inside Kang’s Citadel, you’ll have four heroes to help – Captain Marvel, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Star-Lord. To get to the second floor, move right and smash all the LEGO objects beneath the raised-up wall-jump panels. Smash until a hopping pile of LEGO bricks glows.

Construct those parts and the wall-jump passage will appear. Up top, stand on the button to the left with Captain America to reveal a Cap Shield Slot. Toss your shield into the slot to create a platform below with a Doctor Strange rune. Solve the rune to make the glass disappear.

Enter the glass (now gone!) and use the next Rune Pad to create a portal with Doctor Strange. Head on inside to reach a room with a conveyor belt. Enter with Captain Marvel, she can use the terminal, and you’ll disable the shields on the third floor. Fly up to the top after exiting through the portal and hop onto the massive turret on the right – it can destroy Kang’s minions and destroy the turrets protecting the exit.

Blast both turrets and the barrier blocking the elevator shaft door. On the other side, use Captain Marvel to melt through the gold LEGO wall, and you’ll be free to ride the lift out of here! Up above, you’ll face off with Kang the Conqueror. Defeat his trio of robots and Kang will enter the fight personally.

Kang doesn’t play fair! He summons an army of minions constantly, from all time periods, and will begin summoning bosses you previously fought – Carnom appears first, following by an endless stream of tentacles from portals and symbiote slime monsters.

Kang brings out traps from the Black Knight’s castle next, including an army of soldiers and skeletons. Eventually, Kang will simply freeze time! Thankfully, Doctor Strange’s time powers can save the day. Interact with the green portal at the top and rewind / forward time to summon a huge fist that smashes Kang.

That’s just the start of the fight. Kang retreats and grows into a giant version of himself, rewinding time to rebuild his Sword ship, and wielding it like – well, an actual sword! Yeah, he’s that big. Captain Marvel and America team up to find a way to defeat this gargantuan foe.

Start by slicing through the gold LEGO door with Captain Marvel, then smash all the glowing LEGO bricks to get the hopping bricks you need to repair the track. Push the purple LEGO machine to the end of the tracks, then use the control panel in the center of the Control Room. That repairs the big machine on the left – climb up the ladder and enter the hologram with Captain America.

As a giant, complete the QTEs and press the buttons that appear onscreen to finally defeat the monarch once and for all. Kang has been conquered. This isn’t the end – there are still tons of activities in Chronopolis! Start exploring, grab a bunch of studs, and complete your character collection. Whatever you want to do, there’s so much more adventure waiting for you now that the whole game is unlocked.