LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 13: Inhuman Nature

Embrace the Inhumans, yet another mutant-like team of superheroes you’ll join in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. After Team Star-Lord were ambushed by an unseen force, the story continues with Team Black Bolt, former king of Attilan. The Inhumans are an ancient people living on the floating city above Chronopolis, and they’re under attack by the Kree Empire. Black Bolt’s conniving brother Maximus has taken the throne from the royal family, so it’s up to you to infiltrate the palace and bring this bad guy down.

What does this have to do with the hunt for Nexus fragments? Well, nothing — but next time we’ll join Team Black Bolt as they invade the Kree Empire’s capital and rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Inhumans don’t usually trust outsiders, but it’s about time these heroes helped defeat Kang the Conqueror’s mad machinations, isn’t it? Learn how to complete the first step of their journey with the complete walkthrough for “Inhuman Nature.”

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Walkthrough | Level 13: Inhuman Nature


Continuing on Team-Star-Lord’s route, you’ll have to join Team Black Bolt after the Guardians are captured by the Kree. Black Bolt and the rest of the inhumans live on a flying city above Chronopolis, and they’ll jump into battle to save the Guardians and retake their city after a Kree invasion. Destroy the giant robot Sentry outside the Royal Palace to start the level proper. It takes a really long time, but if you keep blasting him with Black Bolt’s beams, he’ll fall apart. Eventually.

Inside the lower levels of the palace, you’ll regroup with Black Bolt, Medusa, Triton, Crystal, and (best of all) Lockjaw, the giant teleporting dog! To get through the blast door, smash the LEGO objects on the left of the room, then track the “?” area with Triton. Dig up the hopping bricks, then create a Teleporter Pad for Lockjaw to use. On the other side, Lockjaw can pull down the green super strength handles.

Melt the gold LEGO objects with Crystal’s beam attack.

In the new room, start by charging the Electrical Panel with Crystal’s beam, then fly up to the top of the water vat and melt the two gold LEGO objects to stop the ice beams. Now the Inhumans can press all four red buttons. Dive into the tank when it opens with Triton – that’s one switch done, two more to go.

Fly into the green elevator that lowers with Black Bolt and use his charge ability to break the glass, summoning up a pile of hopping bricks. Use the security terminal and copy the pointers on your D-Pad. Through the heavy bunker door, break the glowing LEGO objects to fix the track, then push the LEGO object along the tracks – once it reaches the end, a red button will appear. Fly up or use the jump-pad to press it.

Throw a spear into the slot, and swing on the poles to reach the top of the buzzsaw trap.

One more wire to complete! Go to the right side, with the moving buzzsaw, and throw Triton’s spear into the agility slot. Now Triton can swing up the poles, dodging the saw, and get to the area at the top-right corner of the chamber. Here, sniff the “?” spot and follow the tracks, then build the hopping bricks you find into another spear slot. Throw your spear into the second slot, and the forcefield nearby will shut down. Simply dodge through the lasers and climb the ladder to the last button.

When all three buttons are pressed, ride the elevator up to the throne room to encounter Maximus, Black Bolt’s evil brother and a guy riding a mechanical super-chair covered in guns. To damage Maximus’ mech, swap to Medusa and target the red handles on his front legs. Pull down one, then attack the stunned robo until it recovers and you can target the second handle.

To remove the shields that appear after destroying both legs, stand on the red buttons to raise electrical pylons on the front-left and front-right corners of the arena. When the shield is gone, you can smash his mech and enter the second phase of the battle – Maximus activates an anti-gravity weapon! Dodge the lasers that flood the room as you slowly float closer. When you get close enough, use Black Bolt to blast the glass dome protecting Maximus.