LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 10: K’Un Lun Konundrum

K’Un Lun is the hard-to-pronounce hometown of Iron First, a kung-fu hero that packs quite a punch in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. He’s the only one that can enter a special cave, guarded by an ancient dragon, and you’ll need Iron Fist’s help to collect another Nexus fragment. Iron Fist is one of the few heroes that can interact with the dragon-shaped Chi receptacles found all over Chronopolis, making him a pretty worthy ally.

And all it took was an entire mission fighting Kingpin to get Iron Fist to join you. Iron Fist, along with his big buddy Luke Cage, are members of the talented street-level heroes known as the Defenders. This band of rag-tag characters even got their own team-up TV show on Netflix. Not bad for the B-Team.

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Walkthrough | Level 10: K’Un Lun Konundrum


With a noir adventure complete, Iron Fist will join Spider-Man for a second mission. We’re going to continue down the Spider-Man track and enter the mystical city of K’Un-Lun. Welcome to the cave of the Dragon! Smash through the cracked floor with Ms. Marvel, and be prepared to jump when the tower below topples.

Swap to Ms. Marvel and climb the ladder to reach a tiny spider hole. Shrink and drop down – in the area below, construct the hopping bricks into a Ms. Marvel Pad, and use it to create a ladder so your team can climb down. Build yet another pile of bricks to create a Spider-Man web handle – connect the webbing handles with Spider-Man to create a bridge to the background area.

Go left when you cross until you drop down to the ground floor of the cavern. Smash the hanging (and glowing!) LEGO object near the track to get the pieces you need to fix it. Smash the glowing wall (Ms. Marvel) and push the LEGO statue thing all the way to the right side of the tracks. Defeat the ninjas ahead, and power-up the Chi Statue in the back-left of the room with Iron Fist. That will destroy the fireworks! Go to the area in the back-right and construct the bricks, then push the mirror so the beam points right under the gazebo.

The gazebo is our next stop. Swap to Spider-Man and shoot down the LEGO bricks in the net attached to the ceiling. Construct the hopping bricks that appear to create another mirror. Redirect the light to the round door on the right to finally open the path to a new area. It’s time to enter the Chamber of the Dragon.

The Steel Serpent, a bad guy with the power of the Iron Fist, is waiting inside the lava cavern, and he’s got a giant dragon to back him up. Attack Steel Serpent with everything you’ve got. There’s no special tricks to beating him. Just beat him up until his health meter is empty. He does have some cool attacks, like a huge fire-tornado. Run away when he pulls that out! When the fight is over, Iron Fist will brave the fires of the dragon and retrieve the artifact.