LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 8: Rune To Maneuver

A magic book is missing in the Sanctum Sanctorum, and Doctor Strange returns to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 so he can track down five hidden runes in his mansion estate. Too bad Doc Strange isn’t so great at keeping track of his many mystical artifacts. You’ll have to turn his headquarters upside down to find all the runes, and you can pretty much get them in any order.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Baron Mordo appears at the end of the stage, leading to a mind-bending confrontation in the Mirror Dimension. The Dread Dormammu watches from the window, and Mordo uses a variety of tricks to make the battle tough. He’ll summon Mindless Ones, the minions of Dormammu, while cloning himself and taunting Strange. It’s a handful, but we’ll explain every step in this quick level walkthrough.

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Walkthrough | Level 8: Rune to Maneuver


Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, She-Hulk and Wong arrive at the Sanctum Sanctorum to locate a special book Doc Strange needs for the Avengers’ next harebrained scheme. To find it, you’ll need to locate five rune sigils. They’re all over the mansion, so let’s start locating them.

Rune #1: The first one is easy. The Trace Pad is to the left of the main stairs.

Rune #2: Go to the room to the right of the first floor, then pull the two red cords on the window. Smash the clock, then break the glowing chair surrounded by enemies. Build, then use Spider-Man to pull the red handle. Construct another pile of hopping bricks to summon a mud-man that puts out the fireplace, revealing a sigil.

Fix the tracks, then push the display cases into the matching slots to make the final rune appear.

Rune #3: Enter the second floor room on the left. In the library, use Doctor Strange’s time magic on the book shelf so the ladder is fixed. At the top, use magic on the object on the left to open a secret room. Drop back down and time manipulate the book shelf again until it is completely crumbled to access this sigil.

Rune #4: Still on the second floor, go to the right side and smash the glowing display case. Build to create a magic portal to the attic. Up here, swap to She-Hulk to pull down the green power handles, then build to create a Spider-Man web handle. Shoot the red object with webs to reveal the fourth rune.

Rune #5: On the third floor, rearrange the displace cases on both sides so they match colors. The red case needs to be in the red slot, and so on. Use She-Hulk to move the cases, and break open the power handles on the left, and use the computer terminal on the right with Spider-Man to get all the pieces you need to complete the floor.

Baron Mordo turns the world upside down and summons a swarm of demonic bad guys.

When you’ve completed all the runes, Baron Mordo will appear! Doctor Strange enters the mirror realm to fight Mordo and the dread Dormammu – an evil demon-type guy. Wait for Mordo’s shields to disappear before smacking him with any of your heroes. When his health gets low, he’ll summon a pair of mean-looking Mindless minions that shoot laser beams. Destroy them both, then use Doctor Strange’s magic to blast all the dancing Mordos on the ceiling.

Complete the cycle three times to end this fight and reach the next level. Doctor Strange gets his book, and the Avengers are ready for the next phase in their plan to bring down Kang.