LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 3: Castle Hassle

Defeat Enchantress and bring the Dark Knight to justice in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. The world has gone topsy-turvy since the last mission for the Avengers, and that evil alien Kang the Conqueror has taken a big chunk of Manhattan — and medieval England — and formed the time-twisting city of Chronopolis.

For this mission, you’ll get to choose from one of two teams of heroes. Depending on which team of heroes you take with you, you’ll face a different mission. Here, we’re joining Captain America and the Guardians of the Galaxy as they investigate the first time portal. Spider-Man and pals get their own time portal to explore. You’ll also get Doctor Strange and a friend, no matter which team you choose. His mystical powers come in handy when Enchantress is around.

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Walkthrough | Level 3: Castle Hassle


For this mission, you can choose between two teams – Team Spider-Man, or Team Captain America. Both groups complete their very own level. Here, we’re following Team Captain America. You’ll also find two new friends when you enter the portal; Captain Avalon and Doctor Strange! First thing’s first – we need to get into the castle where Enchantress and Dark Knight are hiding.

To get inside the castle, swap to Doctor Strange and interact with the glowing green lift to the left of the gate. He can interact with time LEGO objects – reverse time by spinning the stick. Spin the stick until the lift drops to the ground, then enter with your biggest hero – Groot. When they’re inside, swap to Doctor Strange again and use your time powers to raise the lift all the way to the top. Interact with the spinner pad and roll right to slowly open the main gate.

Fight through Enchantress’ skeleton army to get inside the castle gatehouse!

When the gate is open, Enchantress will appear with an army of skeletons! Defeat them (Groot is pretty good at that) then approach her. Inside the hall, after she escapes, smash all the LEGO objects and build a battering ram for Groot to use. That doesn’t work when a giant spiked ball ruins the way inside, but it does reveal a path below the bridge, on the right.

Go down there and slice away the green vines (Captain Avalon) and then interact with the magical wall to open a portal with Doctor Strange. Up above, you’ll need to get the magical apple to take away Enchantress’ power. With Team Captain America, smash the floor with Groot under Enchantress’ perch and throw a gravity mine to destroy the metal LEGO object blocking the apple. Use Doctor Strange’s time powers on the apple to make it disappear, then smack a de-powered Enchantress once to defeat her completely. After that, the team will delve into the Dark Knight’s dungeon of doom!

Use Doctor Strange’s time magic to stop all the swinging traps.

Down in the dungeon, you’ll need Doctor Strange again. He can stop the deadly traps down the first hallway with his magic. Deal with the evil knights ahead, then save Captain America from the wheel using Doctor Strange’s magic once again. With Captain America, build the hopping bricks and use the Cap Shield Bad, then target the red bumper to hit the Cap Shield Slot and unlock the door to the Dark Knight.

Beat up the big bad knight to complete this level. Hilariously, the Dark Knight can even fall into his own traps. That’s what you get for making a dungeon of doom.