LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 14: Hala, Is It Kree You’re Looking For?

Bust down the doors of Hala all over again with the Inhumans as they invade the capital of the Kree Empire in Level 14 of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. In a bid to defeat the evil alien rulers, Team Black Bolt breaks into the palace to defeat the Kree’s brainy evil leader — the Kree Supreme Intelligence. This giant head in a floating jar can mind-control unwitting heroes, and his defense systems pack a pretty hefty punch.

Getting to the Supreme Intelligence’s chamber isn’t super easy this time around. You’ll have to slow a laser turbine, dodge spinning beams, and destroy a power plant located all the way across the city of Hala — Black Bolt and loudspeakers work well together. After encountering the Supreme Intelligence, the heroes will band together, rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy, and collect another Nexus fragment. Just two more fragments to go!

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Walkthrough | Level 14: Hala, Is It Kree You’re Looking For?


Continuing down the Team Black Bolt track, the Inhumans will finally confront Ronan the Accuser and rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy. Drop down to Hala and smash up all the incoming minions to access the level proper. To reach Ronan, you’ll need to get through the spinning turbine hallway. Pull the strength handles to the left with Medusa, wall-jump up and glide across the gap to reach a red handle in the upper-right corner. Pull it down with Medusa’s hair!

Drop down to the turbine control room below, and hang from the blue pole to slow the turbines down. Now you can get through the hallway without getting cut to ribbons. On the other end, there’s a big green forcefield we need to disable. Get through the hallway with Black Bolt – use the voice amplifier with a view of the city to blast a skyscaper, leaving a crack in the statue. Break the cracked LEGO wall, and construct the hopping bricks into a green handle.

Push the green handle to aim the voice amplifier at the power plant. When you’re ready, use the voice amplifier a second time with Black Bolt. That will take out the forcefield and open the gate to Ronan’s quarters! Fight through another group of minions for a faceoff. No, it isn’t Ronan, it’s an even scarier enemy.

Inside the floating-head chamber, you’ll have to fight Star-Lord! Beat him up until Star-Lord tosses a gravity mine, making a pile of hopping bricks appear. Construct them into a radio, and Star-Lord will challenge you to a dance-off. Press the buttons that appear onscreen as you cut a rug, and Star-Lord will escape his mind control! Swap to Star-Lord right away when you’ve saved him.

Dodge the waves of energy, and rebuild the hopping bricks to create a Gravity Mine Booster. Throw down a mine with Star-Lord to reveal a weakpoint in the Kree intelligence. Next up, you’ll need to defeat Groot and Rocket Raccoon. When they’re down, they’ll revert to your side again – and the Kree mastermind will grow tentacle arms he attacks with!

Destroy the tentacles when they get stuck in the ground, temporarily stunning them. When both are destroyed, new weakpoints will appear – metal LEGO on the left, and a pull handle on the right. Use Rocket Raccoon to blast the metal on the left, and pull the handle on the right with Medusa. Attack the core when the shields drop, and you’ll have another level beat.