LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 2: Avengers World Tour

The world is in crisis. Nick Fury and SHIELD have detected multiple super-villains in three locations around the globe — instead of exploring one area, you’ll have to deal with three in the second level of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

There are plenty of heroes to play with this time around. You’ll start with Captain America, Thor and She-Hulk, before swapping over to Captain Marvel with Iron Man. Finally, you’ll end your globe-hopping adventures with Spider-Man, White Tiger and Ms. Marvel. Each team will face a different threat, and explore a different part of the world.

From Russian, to an underwater kingdom, and back to New York, there’s plenty to see on your journey. And this is all in one super-sized level. If you’re ever lost, or need a few bad-guy-beating tips, check out the full walkthrough for Level 2 below.

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Walkthrough | Level 2: Avenger’s World Tour


The remote research station in Russia is under attack! Time to see what’s up – Captain America, Thor and She-Hulk are on the case. Follow the road to the blocked tunnel and smash the LEGO objects there until glowing hopping bricks appear. Construct and then use Captain America on the Cap Shield Pad. Swap to She-Hulk / Thor to bounce up and climb the blue poles. Up top, place both characters on the orange buttons to drop the elevator.

With all the new bricks below, swap to Captain American and construct the hopping bricks, then ride the fan up. Above, Captain America will need to climb the ladder on the guard station and use his shield to smother the flames on the roof. Smash the broken LEGO antennae, then use Thor’s hammer to recharge the Electrical Charge Socket on the roof. Just hold down the attack button [Cicle / B] to summon lightning, then hold again to shoot with Thor.

Unlock both guard stations and activate the Cap Shield Slots to get the hopping bricks you need to open the main door.

When the power is back on, enter the guard station through the door next to the ladder, and throw Cap’s shield at the Cap Shield Socket mounted on the wall. That’s one guard station down – time to head to the second station. Go right and ride the exterior elevator in the right corner up with She-Hulk. On the second guard station roof, pull the green power handles.

The Electrical Charge Socket is now open. Use Thor to shoot lightning at the socket until the guard station door is open on the first floor. Smash the glowing shelves and construct the hopping bricks to create a Cap Shield Socket. Throw Captain America’s shield into the socket, and you’ll be ready to get inside the station. Construct the hopping bricks outside the main gate and push the green turn-style to get inside.

Inside, move the object on the right and smash the LEGO boxes on the left.

A gang of glowing green mutants in hazmat suits attack when the team goes inside! There’s another locked door. Defeat the minions, then smash the blue glowing crates on the left – construct the blocks, then push the crane on the right all the way down the tracks. Now, use Steve Rogers (Captain America) on the Cap Shield Pad near the entrance. Target the bumper on the right, and you’ll ricochet the shield into a blocked Cap Shield Socket, unlocking the door. Nice!

Don’t celebrate too long. Captain America gets a face full of that strange green cloud. It turns him violent, and you’ll have to beat him up. Wait for him to pause after a charge to attack, or swap heroes when Captain America grabs you. When his health bar is dropped, you’ll knock him out.

To defeat The Presence, smash the minions (or Captain America) connected to his shield to make him vulnerable.


It won’t be long before another strange supervillain appears. The Presence summons an army of radioactive minions, and uses his mind powers on red areas on the ground. Swap heroes if you get stuck, and keep defeating the minions – they’re connected to The Presence’s shields. When all the minions with lines connecting to the shield are defeated, he’ll be vulnerable to regular attacks. Keep it up, defeating minions as they appear, until The Presence is beaten. In the last phase, you’ll also have to beat Captain America, but you know what to do.

Follow the yellow / red / blue pipes to each generator location. Break in and set the charges to complete this area.

Swapping scenes, you’ll join Iron Man and Captain Marvel underwater as they deal with an entirely different threat. Roxxon and an underwater empire are working together to help with an invasion – Iron Man has other ideas. He’s going to bomb three generators, you just have to find them. At the starting point, follow the big tubes to each – yellow, red, and blue.

Yellow Generator: To reach this one, follow the big yellow tube to the exterior door. Melt the gold LEGO object with Iron Man’s laser, then turn the switch to open the gate. Inside, target the silver (metal!) LEGO object to destroy it and swim to the upper level. Interact with the white waypoint marker to destroy the first generator.

Red Generator: While leaving each generator, Attuma will attack! But… he isn’t too tough. Just pummel him until he runs away. The red generator is easy. Melt the gold bricks and flip the switch. The red generator is right through the doorway.

Blue Generator: The gate to the blue generator is a little different. Swim up the blue shaft to the right of the door and repair the glowing blue LEGO object with Iron Man. Turn the valve, then return back down the shaft. Smash the LEGO crate and build the hopping bricks to create the switch, then use Captain Marvel to summon her energy shield to get through the laser grid.

In New York, Shocker and Mysterio team-up!

Yet another checkpoint, and we’re off to the last group of heroes in New York City. Escapees from super-prison The Raft are all over the bridge, and you’ll be in control of Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, and White Tiger. Defeat the prisoners still running around, then use Ms. Marvel on the glowing orange handle on the car hanging over the hole in the bridge – build and look for the glowing red handles. That’s a tightrope handle! Target both with Spider-Man to create a tightrope bridge over the hole.

On the other side of the bridge, you’ll encounter the Shocker! He’s not that impressive, so Spider-Man can deal with him! Ms. Marvel is also pretty great, especially when Mysterio shows up! This magical Spider-Man villain appears large and in charge, summoning copies of himself to attack your trio. Eventually, he’ll make a truck appear in the back-right corner of the arena. Swap to Ms. Marvel and pull the orange handles. Build the hopping bricks to create a Ms. Marvel pad – interact with the eponymous Ms. Marvel to pull Shocker down from his perch and defeat him.

To defeat Kraven, you’ll need to distract his lion. Cut through the vines with White Tiger to get started.

When Shocker is defeated, swap to Spider-Man and Vulture will attack when you enter the area with “?” marks appearing all over! Instead of fighting, he deposits everyone on top of the bridge, where Kraven the Hunter has created a jungle filled with traps. Dodge the red zones as they appear, and cut through the jungle vines in the center with White Tiger. Use Ms. Marvel on the new orange handle, build the hopping bricks, and the lion will be distracted.

With the lion defeated, Kraven is left! Wait for him to stop spinning his spear, then attack! When he’s defeated, enter the area with “?” appearing as Spider-Man and be prepared for a button press to escape Vulture’s next ambush attack. Down below, Dr. Octopus appears in his octo-mech! This is the final battle, so let’s get pumped up.

Doc Ock appears with his big, bad mech suit at the end of the level. Can six arms beat eight?

Doc Ock stomps around the arena in his mech, blasting everything in sight and summoning tentacle minions. Watch for the red zones, and swamp to Ms. Marvel to pummel the Ock-Mech. Her super-powered punching hands are perfect for the massive mech suit. Hold [Triangle / Y] to grow in size as Ms. Marvel and smash that bad guy.