LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 4: What’s Klaw’s Is Mined

The Avengers assemble to defend Wakanda from the evil Klaw in Level 4 of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Black Panther himself joins the team as Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk investigate a strange portal located in a time-displaced Manhattan. The world has gone crazy due to Kang the Conqueror’s time-bending hijinks. Klaw isn’t the only villain you’ll face in this stage. You’ll also do battle with the powerful Man-Ape as you traverse the dangerous vibranium mines located deep below Wakanda, the highly-advanced African nation that Black Panther calls home. The mines are a little complicated, so if you’re looking for help to solve every puzzle, we’ve got the step-by-step walkthrough you’re looking for.

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Walkthrough | Level 4: What’s Klaw’s Is Mined


Depending on which team you took for the previous mission, you’ll swap to the other side. For us, we got Team Spider-Man for this level – that’s Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. It’s a pretty good team, too! Run over to the Wakanda vibranium door, pull down the Power Handles (She-Hulk) and connect the blinking colors with Spider-Man to start the level proper.

At the start of the stage, Black Panther will join your squad. Klaw, the villain of this level, is busy stealing a giant supply of vibranium. Start by tracking the “?” trail with Black Panther until you dig up a pile of hopping bricks. Construct and push the green LEGO cart. Now you just have to get on the other side of the room. Build the second pile of hopping bricks and jump on the lever to stop the platforms, making a path for you to jump across.

Solve puzzles to push the TNT cart to the elevator.

On the other side, use She-Hulk to pull the Power Handles and then climb the ladder down the tracks with Blank Panther. Sense the “?” to make a crate fall from the sky, depositing another pile of hopping bricks. Construct and use the new control panel to lift up the blue LEGO box blocking the minecart. When it’s destroyed, you can jump back down to the tracks and push the cart further ahead.

Too bad the elevator is disabled. Swap to Ms. Marvel and smash through the cracked wall that’s glowing red-purple, then interact with the Shrink Panel to enter a tiny maze. Press [L1 / LB] and [R1 / RB] to rotate the entire maze and reach the switch at the end. After hitting it, you’ll restore power to the elevator and be able to push the cart on.

Spider-Man’s web attacks can stun those flamethrower guys.

Climb up to the top where gangs of goons are protecting the exit door with flamethrowers! Ignore them for now, and look for the glowing target-sign on the ledge. Hit it to unveil a ladder, and cut through the vines with Black Panther. Squeeze into the narrow space with Mr. Marvel (she can shrink, remember?) and flip the switch in the booth below the molten lava.

Back upstairs, build the last of the track’s hopping bricks and push the cart to the exit gate. Spidey can stun the flamethrower guards with webbing, if you’re having trouble. When the cart is pushed, more “?” will appear. Use Black Panther to investigate, chase off that big white gorilla Man-Ape, then build the hopping bricks to create a plunger. Pull the plunger and that door is no more!

The massive Man-Ape appears at the end of the level. Watch out when he drops molten magma all over the arena.

In the next room, it’s Black Panther versus Man-Ape! Swap to Black Panther and pummel Man-Ape between his powerful red-aura attacks. When Man-Ape rolls around, he’ll eventually stop. While he’s stunned, strike! Mash the attack button and you’ll do lots of damage. When he’s at about half-health, Man-Ape will begin pouring liquid magma all over the arena, so keep moving! Beat up all three rounds to end the level. Klaw might escape this time, but we’ll get him soon.