LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 19: On Board The Sword

Bring down Kang’s flagship in Level 19 of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. After disabling the shields around the giant spire in the center  of Chronopolis, Kang summons his ship — the same ship that briefly appeared before Chronopolis was created. The huge ship, handily shaped just like a LEGO sword, was Kang’s previous headquarters. He’s on board now, and the heroes need to destroy it before attacking the last stronghold in Chronopolis.

This is a big level, with a climactic encounter against the god-like entity known as Korvac. The embodiment of the Power Cosmic is summoned to defeat the Avengers while Kang crashes his flagship into Chronopolis. It’s all part of his master plan! Iron Man, Star-Lord, and Spider-Man arrive to cut through Kang’s minions and reach his command deck, where the final battle for this level takes place. We’re almost done now. Just one more level to go!

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Walkthrough | Level 19: On Board The Sword


Time to visit Knowhere! Fly up into the glowing eye of the giant Celestial skull to enter Cosmo’s control room. Inside the room, smash the LEGO object to the left, then pull the safe open with Spider-Man’s webbing. Construct this new set of hopping bricks to create a Gravity Booster. Toss a mine onto the booster with Star-Lord, and you’ll reveal a broken object Iron Man can repair. Fix it up, and the level entrance will appear!

After firing the Knowhere EMP blast, you’ll disable the shield around Kang’s fortress just as Kang’s Sword ship appears in the sky. Inside the first room of the ship, melt the gold LEGO bricks to the left of the busted door and construct a Gravity Booster. Toss a mine with Star-Lord to clear the debris and escape the hallway that’s full of endlessly spawning bad guys. Stand on the red button to unlock the door.

To unlock the door to the monorail tube, you’ll need to disable the power generator that’s enhancing Kang’s robotic soldiers! Go to the big machine against the back wall and ride the left gravity well up to the balcony. At the left door, use Spider-Man’s webs to pull down the glowing LEGO panel on the wall, making a Gravity Booster appear! Toss a mine into the booster to complete the blue battery.

Next, we’ll need to get the yellow battery plugged-in. Go to the right of the big machine, down the steps from the landing and look for a gold LEGO claw. Cut through the claw with Iron Man’s laser beam. Build the pieces and the yellow battery is complete – it even unlocks the door on the left balcony!

Return to the left balcony where you completed the blue battery puzzle. The door is now open. Stand on the red button to teleport into a small room – smash everything, build, and use Spider-Man to hack the terminal. Press the [Left] pointer on the terminal to tilt the ship and unlock the area underneath the glass in the main generator room.

Back to the main room, drop through the hole in the glass now that the obstruction is removed. Smash the LEGO objects on all four quadrants below and construct to create… a thing? Whatever the thing does, it blocks part of the path and unlocks the big red battery carrier on the tracks. Return to the tiny control room (the one Spidey had to hack) and tilt the ship right this time. Once the battery slides into the robot, you can push it up into the receptacle and complete the generator.

The generator is totally repaired, but it won’t stay that way for long. Melt the gold LEGO bricks that are now exposed on the main generator with Iron Man to unlock the control room door on the right balcony. This also disables those annoying shielded robots, making them totally vulnerable to regular attacks. Use the control panel inside the previously-locked room (guarded by a flamethrower guy) to mostly unlock the monorail tube. Target both red pull-handles with Spider-Man to finally get the tube door open. Now you can ride on the tram like any other vehicle. All aboard!

On the bridge of Kang’s ship, it turns out the whole thing was a ruse! Kang isn’t even on the ship – instead, he plans to crash the giant thing into Chronopolis, all just to defeat the heroes. On top of all that, he also summons Korvac to the fight. This pink glowing god-like being is one with the Power Cosmic, and he’s seemingly invincible.

Korvac might be powerful, but he isn’t unstoppable. His shield will eventually disappear, allowing the heroes to start blasting him. He flies around the arena, so you’ll need to use long-range attacks on him while you dodge his energy blasts. Periodically, Korvac will retreat and recharge his shield while summoning armies of Kang’s minions.

The battle gets completely insane as it goes on – an endless stream of minions and two Kang holo-projectors spinning around the arena, sucking up any heroes caught underneath them. There are so many minions, it’s easier to just focus on Korvac. Run around the heroes and keep blasting him until he’s down. Defeat him to escape the sword and complete the level. Just one more to go.