LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough | Level 16: Torg-nado

The Torg-nado is upon us in Level 16 of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 — the Avengers go diving for Nexus fragments in the underwater kingdom of Lemuria, and there’s a hairy Yeti to deal with along the way.

As you progress in Lemuria, you’ll have to deal with domes, swapping between the inside and the outside of the sea floor. Attuma is back in business, but you’ll get a really obscure hero on your side. Stingray joins the Avengers for this mission only. Who is Stingray? Look, we have no idea. We barely even know who Attuma is.

And that doesn’t even cover the Yeti villain you’ll fight multiple times. The Yeti’s real name is Torg the Abominable Snow-King, and he’s really far away from his winter kingdom. Torg is a tough opponent, and the Hulk is the best guy to battle him. There are lots of puzzles to solve and fresh water to swim, so keep scrolling for all the solutions and tips you (might!) need to complete this level.

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Walkthrough | Level 16: Torg-nado


Back to Lemuria with Captain America, and now Hulk is joining the party. There’s no trick to getting inside – just swim to the start of the level to begin. Inside, Stingray – a super, super obscure hero – will help you fight Attuma. The big bad even has a Yeti helping him this time. To get through the first airlock, swap to Hulk and beatdown the Yeti until it retreats to the bulkhead. Still with Hulk, get close and press the buttons as they appear to punch the door open.

Inside the airlock, swap to Doctor Strange and interact with the LEGO table to block the open airlock door. Now we need to drain the water. To do that, attack the pedestals with clams – you need to make the background (inside the airlock) pearls match the same colors outside the passage in the foreground. When the colors match, the clams will sink into the floor and a valve will appear in the center. Turn it to drain all the water!

In the third room of the level, the Yeti will return! Beat him up until he’s stunned with Hulk, then swap to your other heroes and smash all the LEGO instruments / objects in the center of the underwater room.

Construct the hopping bricks to create a banana that the Yeti just can’t say no to. While he’s busy with the banana, you can create a Cap Shield Pad with another batch of hopping bricks. Use it with Captain America, targeting the bright red bumper, and you’ll seal the Yeti away where he can’t get you.

With the Yeti beaten, it’s time to take care of Attuma. Push the green turn-style that appears in the center of the arena, then zap the Electricity Panel with Thor’s charged-up hammer. That makes a control terminal appear – Captain Marvel can use that to take remote control of a fishy robot! Chase Attuma and bite him three times! That forces him to retreat, and a pile of bricks will appear on the right side.

Swap to Doctor Strange and use his magic on the LEGO valve near the door. Move it to the airlock then smash the cracked green LEGO wall with Hulk, naturally. The hall with fill with water, but you can still chase Attuma! Go through the giant fish skull’s jaws and swim up in the cave filled with jellyfish. Attuma’s throne room is at the top, and he’s ready for a big brawl.

The battle against Attuma is straightforward. Beat the underwater dictator up and wipe out his (many, many) guards while you do it. At 50% health, Attuma will retreat and summon a swarm of Kang’s minions. Beat these robots and shield-protected baddies up until Attuma deigns to return – and when he does, you can blast him until he’s totally defeated.