Black Ops 4: Blackout – Listen To Secret Songs In This New “Tranzit” Easter Egg Location

Nothing is safe from Zombies Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Even Blackout Mode features a handful of Zombies Easter eggs — including one secret that wasn’t found in the Beta. Yes, there’s another “Tranzit”-related secret in the game. We’re not talking about the zombies that spawn, the Mystery Box, the Wonder Weapons or even the spooky Asylum / Underground Bunker locations. Nope, this is a totally new Easter egg you can check out for yourself.

The Easter egg is located just east of Nuketown Island. Take the north bridge to the mainland, and you’ll quickly stumble into the diner from “Tranzit”, the Zombies map included in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This isn’t the only “Tranzit” reference either — there’s an entire bunker under Nuketown that’s all Tranzit-themed, and the four playable characters from that map can be found frozen in cryochambers in “Blood of the Dead”. Confused yet? Don’t worry about any of that, because the Easter egg is all music-related.

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Listen To Secret Songs In This New “Tranzit” Easter Egg Location

To find the “Tranzit” Easter egg — a diner based on the spawn room from the Zombies map “Tranzit” from Black Ops 2 — go to the north bridge connecting Nuketown Island to the mainland. On the east side of the bridge, you’ll find the diner.

It’s a mostly empty diner, but there is one unique thing you can interact with — a jukebox! You can play multiple songs over loudspeakers. The songs are all secret songs from old Zombies maps. Just hold interact to que up a song, and do it again to swap songs.

Anyone outside can hear you, too! There are speakers outside that play the songs over a pretty wide area. Here’s a quick list of all the songs that have been identified:

  • Jukebox Songs:
    • 111 – Kino Der Toten Song – Elena Siegman on Vocals
    • The One – Shi No Numa – Elena Siegman on Vocals
    • Carrion – Tranzit Song – Clark S. Nova on Vocals
    • Abra Cadaver – Ascension Song – Elena Siegman on Vocals

For using the jukebox, you’ll also complete a Dark Ops challenge, which will give you the “Zombie Jams” calling card once you complete the match.

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