Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – The Complete Zombies Compendium | Everything You Need To Know

Black Ops 4 includes four Zombies Mode maps right at the start. That’s quadruple the normal amount of Zombies at launch, and trying to understand the ins-and-outs of all four maps can be a pretty daunting prospect. To help you navigate all the coverage for these expansive, complicated maps that’s available on Gameranx, I’m breaking it down — map by map. Here’s everything you need to know, all in one place, for each map.

All the maps share a few things in common; there are Wonder Weapons to collect, a Pack-a-Punch upgrade machine to unlock, and lots (and lots) of Easter eggs to discover. We’ve got everything you need to know. You can jump to the individual map you want to check out by clicking the links in the Table of Contents, or scroll down and hit that next page.

Naturally, there’s a ton of stuff to discover on each map. We might’ve missed a few things. If we did, let us know!

Table of Contents:

Blood of the Dead – Complete Map Overview


How To Turn On Power

  • Power Switch #1: Located in the Power House. It’s located in the back-left corner from the exterior door.
    • Starting from Richtofen’s Laboratory Spawn, go to Model Industries, then West Grounds, then the Power House.
  • Power Switch #2: Located in Building 64.
    • Starting from the West Grounds, go to the Catwalk, Recreation Yard, Cell Block Entrance, D-Block, C-D Street, Cell Block 3rd Floor, Michigan Avenue, Citadel, Citadel Tunnels, China Alley, and finally Building 64.


How To Unlock Pack-a-Punch

Step #1: Build The Shield

To unlock the Pack-a-Punch in “Blood of the Dead”, you’ll first need to build the shield. To do that, you’ll need to collect three parts. Each part will spawn in one of three locations, so check all the locations listed below.

  • Part #1: Shield
    • Location #1: Citadel Tunnels – To the right (or left) of the door in the spiral stairs leading to China Alley. About halfway up / down the stairs.
    • Location #2: China Alley – Next to a zombie spawn window. The window is a metal fence covering a stairwell leading down into the Citadel Tunnels.
    • Location #3: Citadel Tunnels – At the top of the winding stairs, next to the locked elevator cage.
  • Part #2: Afterlife Essence
    • Location #1: Library – Look for an afterlife box in the original “Mob of the Dead” spawn room. The box will give a strange glow if the essence can be collected.
    • Location #2: Times Square – On the wall, on the first floor.
    • Location #3: Michigan Avenue – Directly under the “Michigan” sign.
  • Part #3: Warden Key
    • Drops from the Brutus Boss Zombie after activating both Power switches.
    • Power Switches are located in the Power House and Building 64 in China Alley.

Now, simply build the shield on a workbench!

Step #2: Drain Zombie Essence & Power The Shield

With the shield built, equip it and use the secondary attack to shoot lightning from the Warden Key, which drains Zombie Essence and kills the target. It takes a little bit of time to kill, so keep moving!

Drain the essence from five zombies (or more) with the key until it begins to glow with a bright blue aura. This powers-up the shield, and lets you transfer a charge to power things around the map.

Step #3: Charge the Pack-a-Punch Machine

The Pack-a-Punch machine is located on the Roof of the prison. Travel up there with the shield, and notice the power gauge to the right of the disabled PaP machine.

  • How To Power Up The PaP Machine:
    1. Charge the Soul Key by absorbing zombie essence with the Shield’s secondary attack until the key glows blue.
    2. Hold [Left Trigger] to aim with the shield, then press [Right Trigger] to launch a Soul Blast with the charged key.
      • The Soul Blast will charge disabled power gauges around the map.
    3. Use Soul Blast on the disabled power gauge to the right of the PaP Machine to activate it.

And that’s it! The Pack-a-Punch will charge up, allowing you to drop weapons into the machine for 5,000 points.

  • NOTE: The Pack-a-Punch moves every few rounds. After unlocking the Pack-a-Punch, it will teleport to a new location after several rounds pass. The Pack-a-Punch can appear in:
    • Pap #1: Roof
    • Pap #2: Building 64 (East Side Power Switch)
    • Pap #3: Power House (West Side Power Switch)


How To Get The Hell’s Retriever 

This is a returning Easter egg from the original “Mob of the Dead” map. Just like in that previous map, you can feed zombie souls to three infernal, hellish dog heads. Find the Cerberus heads, then kill zombies near them. You’ll need “feed” about 10~ zombies to each Cerberus.

  • Cerberus Head #1: New Industries – In the corner with the wooden desk.
  • Cerberus Head #2: Cell Block 2nd Floor – Floating behind the metal railings.
  • Cerberus Head #3: Eagle Plaza – Above the window on the building, outside the Warden’s Office.

After feeding the Cerberus heads and making all three disappear, simply use one of the transport grates to fast-travel through the depths of the prison. Use the fast-travel grate in the Showers / Warden’s House. While travelling, you’ll spot the Hell’s Retriever Tomahawk as you glide. Grab it as you pass!

How To Get The Hell’s Redeemer | Upgraded Hell’s Retriever

Step #1: Throw The Hell’s Retriever At The Spectral Image

To complete this step, you’ll need the Spectral Shield. Hold [LT / L2] to aim and look through your shield. You’ll be able to see glowing blue objects you couldn’t see before using the Spectral Shield’s Afterlife Vision.

  • Get zombie kills with the Hell’s Retriever in the Recreation Yard until the weapon begins to glow blue. After that, the Spectral Image will spawn.

Get enough kills with the Hell’s Retriever, and the Spectral Image will spawn in one of six locations. Use the Spectral Shield (aim-down-sights) to look and find this image.

  • Spectral Image Locations:
    • Recreation Yard: From the catwalk, stop when you turn left to cross the yard bridge. The image may appear on the concrete wall to the right, past the barbed wire.
    • Recreation Yard: From the bridge in the center of the Recreation Yard, check the rocks on the path to the Prison Entrance.
    • Citadel: Through the window with the twisted metal fence, with the hanging dead bodies.
    • Citadel: To the right, through the cracked wall where the three demon dog images appear.
    • Eagle Pass: On the prison wall, above the Warden’s Office.
    • Eagle Pass: In the cracked ground out-of-map, near the jutting pipe.

Once you find the Spectral Image, throw the Hell’s Retriever at it’s location. It will flash yellow, and remove the Hell’s Retriever from your inventory.

Step #2: Summon The Hell’s Redeemer

To summon the Hell’s Redeemer, wait until you reach a special Zombie Dog round. When only undead dogs are spawning, use the charged Spectral Shield to Spectral Blast the Warden’s Office desk.

The Hell’s Redeemer will then spawn back at its original location. Use the Warden’s House-To-Showers fast-travel metal grate and collect it.


How To Upgrade The Spectral Shield

[NOTE: The Spectral Shield upgrade can only be acquired in CLASSIC MODE.]

To upgrade the Spectral Shield, you need to find the three shield parts and acquire the Hell’s Retriever. When you’ve got everything you need — check the links above for more details — you can get the upgraded Shield.

  • Shield Upgrade: To upgrade your shield, find a Mystery Box.
    • Purchase random rolls from the Mystery Box until a lock symbol appears.
    • When the lock appears, zap the lock with the Spectral Shield key.
    • The key will glow blue and start to spin. Throw the Hell’s Retriever (or Redeemer) at the lock.
    • The lock will be collected and added to your Spectral Shield.


How To Get A Free Blundergat

Find all five skulls, and the Blundergat will spawn on the desk in the Warden’s Office.

  • Spectral Skull Locations:
    • Skull #1: C-D Street – Inside a cell, across from the Library door.
    • Skull #2: Eagle Plaza – On top one of the utility poles
    • Skull #3: Docks – On one of the wooden dock poles in the water.
    • Skull #4: West Grounds – On the stairs, on a landing with a door, to the right when facing the door to the spawn building.
    • Skull #5: Roof – On the right side.


Acid Gat – Kit Parts Locations

  • Part #1: Transverse Tunnel – Found on the ground in the tunnel linking New Industries to the Power House.
  • Part #2: Sally Port – Found in the sideroom on the path to the Warden’s Office area. Requires the Warden’s Key to unlock the metal gate.
    • To get the Warden’s Key, activate both Power Switches to summon Brutus. Defeat him, and you’ll be able to collect the Warden’s Key from his body.
  • Part #3: Infirmary – In a locked cabinet in the corner of the Infirmary. Once again, you’ll need the Warden’s Key to unlock the cabinet and collect the glowing green container.

The Acidgat is a more powerful Blundergat that adds acid damage to all shots, burning zombies over time. You can continue to upgrade the Acidgat, too!

  • Vitriolic Withering (Acidgat Upgrade): Pack-a-Punch the Acidgat to create a PaP’d version of the Wonder Weapon.

How To Get The Magmagat 

After building the Acidgat, you can upgrade the weapon again and turn it into the Magmagat. First, you’ll need to create the Vitriolic Withering. Place the Acidgat into a Pack-a-Punch machine to get it. Easy.

Go to the fireplace in the Warden’s House (back-right room, first floor) and place the Vitriolic Withering in the fireplace. Kill zombies to charge the blue skulls that appear over the fireplace. Get kills near the fireplace until all three skulls light up with blue fire.

This is when things get tricky. Collect the Acidgat from the fireplace, and you’ll see that it is now Tempered. The weapon glows blue, but it will only remain this way for a limited time. You need to travel to New Industries — and you need to keep the blue fire on the Acidgat burning. To do this, touch the Tempered Blundergat to burning blue fire barrels on the way to New Industries. Follow this route.

  • Blood of the Dead Route – Warden’s Office to New Industries
    • Warden’s House
    • Eagle Plaza (Blue Barrel)
    • Warden’s Office
    • Administration
    • Sally Port
    • Michigan Avenue (Blue Barrel)
    • Times Square (Blue Barrel)
    • Cell Block Entrance
    • Recreation Yard (Blue Barrel)
    • Catwalk
    • West Grounds (Blue Barrel)
    • New Industries

Once you reach New Industries, placed the Tempered Blundergat into the massive green press. After a few moments, blue ghosts will appear and light the placed weapon on fire, turning the weapon into the Magmagat, the ultimate version of this Wonder Weapon.


How To Get The Spoon / Gold Spork

Step #1: Getting The Spoon

Before you can get the Gold Spork, you’ll need to get the Warden’s Key. This drops from Brutus, the boss zombie that spawns after flipping both power switches. You’ll also need to build the Shield, which is required for the Pack-a-Punch. You’ll also need to acquire the Hell’s Retriever, and the Acidgat.

Check the list of guides in the glossary above to learn how to build the Shield, get the Acidgat and get the Hell’s Retriever tomahawk.

Once you’ve got the Warden’s Key and the Shield, you can begin hunting for the Spork.

  1. Go to the Warden’s Office and equip the Shield. Aim-down-sights with the Shield to see three glowing numbers that appear on three papers on the wall.
    • Stand near the perk machine in the office, and look to the opposite wall. You’ll see two numbers (only visible while ADS with the Shield) on the pillars, and one number on the opposite wall. The numbers that appear here are random.
    • There may be multiple locations where these numbers appear. Check back soon for new updates showing all the number locations.
  2. Travel down to the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels and find the locked box with numbers. Unlock the cage with the Warden’s Key, then input the secret numbers into the locked box at the bottom.
    • To activate the number pads, use a charged Spirit Blast from your Shield to energize the pads. Interact with the pads to input each number.
  3. Input the code correctly, and the cage at the top of the Citadel Tunnels will collapse and fall into the water below.
  4. Go to the Docks and charge the electricity gauge above the water with an Spirit Blast from your Shield.
    • That causes a crane to move above the gauge. Throw the Hell’s Retriever at the skeleton hanging inside the net to cause the Spoon to drop onto the crate below.

Now, anyone on your team can collect the Spoon at any time. It replaces your melee weapon.

Step #2: Getting The Gold Spork

For the next step, you’ll need the Acidgat and the Hell’s Retriever. Scroll up for links explaining how to get the Acidgat.

  1. Place the Spoon in the bath tub, in the second room on the right as you enter the Infirmary.
    • Hold [Interact] on the tub, and you’ll place your Spoon.
  2. Next, go to the Roof and earn kills with the Acidgat, Vitriolic Withering, or Magmagat. The more kills you get, the more blood will fill the bath tub in the Infirmary.
    • Continue to get kills on the Roof with any of the upgraded Blundergats until the tub is completely full.
  3. When the tub is full, hold [Interact] to drain it. The blood will pour out, and the Spoon will be gone.
  4. Next, travel to the middle section of the Catwalk where you have a good view of the bottom of the water tower.
    • Throw the Hell’s Retriever at the middle pipe at the bottom of the tower, where it meets the ground. If the tomahawk lands in just the right spot, it will come back with the Gold Spork.

And that’s it! You now have the Gold Spork. This insanely powerful melee weapon kills zombies into Round 30 with a single hit. That’s going to be very helpful if you want to complete Easter egg steps with friends.

Easter Egg Song

Instead of finding objects, you just need to input a number in the Citadel Tunnels. Enter the tunnels, at the bottom you’ll find a locked cage with numbers.

Use the Warden’s Key to unlock the cage (dropped from the Brutus zombie boss) and the charged Spectral Shield Spectral Blast to power-up the numbers. Now, interact with each number to change it.

  • Number Inputter Easter Egg:
    • Input 1-1-5 into the three numbers at the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels to activate the secret song.


Jumpscare Easter Egg

To checkout the Shadowman in a fast jumpscare moment, you’ll need to reach the Recreation Yard.

  • Location: Recreation Yard – As you exit the Catwalk and reach the Recreation Yard, aim your Sniper Rifle scope to the left, at the cracked wall. There’s a brown house with a dark window behind the broken wall. Aim at the dark window, and the Shadowman will appear.