WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – Here’s An Easy Trick To Stop Sizzler Zombie Spawns

After making a call to the local Russian forces outside Berlin, you’ll have an all-new threat to contend with in Call of Duty: WW2. Exclusive to ‘The Shadowed Throne’, the giant Nazi airship in the skip will begin zapping standard zombies with a special enhancing bolt — called a wunderbolt. Once hit, the regular zombie transforms into something much, much worse.

The new zombie, called Sizzlers, Gekocht, or simply red zombies — can be a real nightmare. They sprint faster than you, attack very quickly, and (worst of all) make it practically impossible to scramble around with just one zombie following while you accomplish Easter egg-related tasks. The airship overhead will constantly target every zombie until there’s nothing left, making one-zombie end-of-round breather periods impossible.

Well, not totally impossible. There are ways to stop sizzlers from spawning. That’s what this guide is all about.

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Here’s An Easy Trick To Stop Sizzler Zombie Spawns

Sizzler Zombies, or red zombies, will begin to spawn after launching a flare that summons Dr. Straub’s airship in the sky. You’ll need to complete the first two steps of the main Easter egg — we’ll run through the steps very, very quickly here, but you can find full explanations in the links above. Specifically, in how to unlock the Wunderbuss.

  • How To Summon Sizzlers:
    1. Unlock Main Street and look on the top of the working radio for a code. It’s two letters and a number — such as RS | 1.
    2. Unlock doors to reach the Church, at the back of the Plaza. Look at the large map to the right of the Mystery Box.
    3. Use the radio code [Letter | Number] and the region marked on the map to find the frequency.
    4. Input the frequency in the working radio to call the Russians.
    5. After calling the Russians, go to the table with the red flare on a dead soldier. Shoot the lock and melee the flare box to launch a flare.

After that, Sizzlers zombies will constantly spawn. As long as a regular zombie is still alive on a map, there’s a chance it will become a Sizzler zombie. There are ways to prevent one from spawning. Here’s a few tricks you can use.


  • How To Stop Sizzlers From Spawning:
    1. Shoot an arm / leg off a standard zombie. A disabled zombie will never transform into a sizzler.
      • NOTE: If you get too far away from a zombie, it will respawn. While respawning, there’s a chance it will become a sizzler before you even see it.
    2. Bomber Zombies will never transform into sizzlers. Bombers are relatively slow, compared to the next option.
    3. Pest Zombies will also never transform into a sizzler. Grab the stamina perk to improve your run / sprint speed to more easily outrun them.
    4. As a last ditch option, the fastest mode of movement is the Nazi Axe. If you can get it from the Museum puzzle, the Nazi axe has a lengthy sprint charged attack that makes it easy to outrun even the fastest enemies. That even includes sizzlers.

And that’s four ways to stop, or at least outrun, Sizzlers. Now you can get back to doing all those Easter egg duties while a friend runs around in circles, training the undead far away.

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