WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – Equal Opportunity Destroyer Achievement / Trophy Guide

It’s always important to be an ‘Equal Opportunity Destroyer’ — and in ‘The Shadowed Throne’, that isn’t always so easy. In the second DLC Nazi Zombies map for Call of Duty: WW2, you’ll encounter plenty of different zombie types, including a new, annoying monster that will randomly appear after you’ve finished a certain task in the main Easter egg quest.

That certain monster is the Sizzler, or ‘Gekocht’ — and they’re a serious problem. Once Dr. Straub appears on his airship, he’ll zap standard zombies with a bolt that enhances their abilities, turning them rapid and causing them to flare up with red-orange energy. They’ll start sprinting, and if they catch up to you, it can be all over very quickly.

To unlock this achievement / trophy, you’re going to have to siphon energy from the Sizzler, along with four other different zombie types. Get the full scoop below.

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Equal Opportunity Destroyer Achievement / Trophy Guide

The achievement / trophy description for this challenge isn’t entirely clear. What you need to do is relatively simple — but only if you’ve unlocked the Wunderbuss.

  • To unlock, you’ll need to siphon energy from five different zombie types. The types include…
    • Standard Zombies
    • Pest Zombies (skinny fast zombies that spawn every five rounds)
    • Bomber Zombies
    • Wustling Zombies (large brute zombies)
    • Sizzler Zombies (glowing red fast zombies)
  • To siphon energy, you need the Wunderbuss. Use secondary fire to launch a bolt that recharge the weapon’s primary fire. You need to hit every type of zombie with a bolt and siphon energy from them.

This is easier said than done. If you’re aiming to unlock this achievement / trophy, get the Wunderbuss and run around the large Main Street area. Give yourself plenty of room when a sizzler zombie spawns — these zombies will only appear after you summon Straub’s airship with a flare.

Just for completion’s sake, I’ll run down exactly how to get the Wunderbuss. It’s pretty simple, if you know exactly what to do.


How To Get The Wunderbuss

  • Input the correct frequency on the Main Street radio to call the Russians.
    • To get the frequency, check the code on top of the radio itself.
    • At the church, use the code printed on the radio and the location of the map marker to get the frequency from the chart, to the left of the map.
  • Go to the Plaza and find the flare table near the Museum door. Shoot open the lock and melee the flare box to launch a flare.
  • Now, get the two parts of the Wunderbuss — the Wunderbattery and the Wunderbolt.
    • The wunderbattery appears in one of three locations — near the upstairs wall buy in the Cabaret, on a dead body in the corner of the museum first floor, or next to the perk machine on the second floor of the museum.
    • Kill a sizzler zombie with a melee weapon special attack (the bat is the easiest) to get the bolt.
  • Place the battery in the device between the gates in the Apartments basement.
    • Take the battery back out when you’re through the doors, then insert the battery and bolt into the crafting table.
    • Use the Wunderbuss on the battery device to charge it and open the double doors to escape.

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