Fallout 4: Nuka-World – All New Weapons | Locations Guide


Update your arsenal with these Fallout 4: Nuka-World DLC weapon locations. The raider-infested theme park is home to all sorts of new tools of destruction, including a Nuka-Cola Quantum infused Fatman, a souped-up slugger, and a legendary automatic rifle with insane damage scaling capabilities. Deliver harm to your enemies in new and creative ways with these Nuka-World exclusive weapons. Get a clue and acquire them all with the tips below.

Here you’ll find a full list of additional weapons; either unique, legendary, or brand-new, all found within the Nuka-World amusement park. Instead of Far Harbor’s nautical theme, it seems like anything goes in Nuka-World, with sci-fi concepts and weirdness to find around every corner. We won’t get too spoiler-y here, so if you’re ever lost, don’t be afraid to drop us a comment and we’ll try to point your Sole Survivor in the right direction.

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All New Weapons | Locations Guide

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  • SplatterCannon
    • Location: Nuka-Town Market – Aaron Corbett’s Store – Available for Purchase (10,000 caps)
    • Legendary – Automatic Rifle – Two-Handed – Uses 7.62 Ammo
    • Bonus: +15% Damage after each consecutive hit on the same target.
  • Sword of Wonders
    • Location: Kiddie Kingdom – King Cola’s Castle – Dropped or rewarded at the end of “A Magical Kingdom” quest.
    • Legendary – Long Melee Weapon – Two-Handed – Medium Speed
    • Bonus: Ignore 30% of the target’s damage and energy resistance.
  • Aeternus
    • Location: Cola-Cars Arena – Nuka-Town USA – Dropped by the Rogue Knight in the “Amoral Combat” quest.
    • Legendary – Heavy Weapon – Minigun Variant – Uses Fusion Core on wind-up
    • Bonus: Unlimited Ammo Capacity
  • Acid Soaker
    • Location: Nuka-Cade – Nuka-Cade Prize Terminal – Available for Purchase (6250 tickets)
    • Legendary – Unique Pistol – One-Handed – Uses Acid Ammo
    • Bonus: Inflicts ongoing acid damage and temporarily reduces damage resistance.
  • Thirst Zapper
    • Location: Cola-Cars Arena – Found during the “Taken For A Ride” quest.
    • Unique Pistol – Squirt Gun – Uses Water Ammo
  • Hub’s Alien Blaster
    • Location: Hubologist Camp – Rewarded for completing the Hubologist’s quest.
    • Legendary Pistol – Alien Blaster Variant – Uses AB Ammo
    • Bonus: Critical shots do double damage and the critical meter fills 15% faster.
  • Nuka-Nuke Launcher
    • Location: Nuka-World – Sierra Petrovita – Reward for completing the “Cappy in a Haystack” quest.
    • Heavy Weapon – Mini-Nuke Launcher Variant – Uses Nuka-Nuke Ammo
    • Requirements: Must complete the quest by shutting off the power. The ammo schematic is located near the Nuka-Nuke Launcher. Requires (1) Mini-Nuke and (1) Nuka-Cola Quantum.
  • Cito’s Shiny Slugger
    • Location: Nuka-World – Safari Adventure Entrance – Reward for completing Cito’s “Safari Adventure” quest.
    • Long Melee Weapon – Baseball Bat variant – Two-handed – Slow Speed
    • Bonus: Critical damage refills Action Points.
  • Automatic Rifle
    • Location: Nuka-World – Carried by the Disciples, Operatives, and the Pack.
    • Automatic Rifle – Two-Handed – Uses 7.62 ammo
    • Similar to the AK-47 – Highly Customizable
  • The Problem Solver
    • Location: Nuka-World – Reward given by Mason (Pack Alpha) for successfully winning a Speech Check during your first meeting.
    • Legendary – Automatic Rifle – Two-Handed – Uses 7.62 ammo
    • Bonus: Increased damage after each consecutive hit on the same target.
  • Throatslicer
    • Location: Nuka-World Market – Katelyn Alden Store – Available for Purchase (5000~ cap)
    • Legendary – Short Melee Weapon – Knife Variant – One-Handed – Fast Speed
    • Bonus: Targets bleed for 25 points of additional damage.
  • Commie Whacker
    • Location: Nuka-Cade – Found near the “Red Menace Whac-A-Commie” game.
    • Short Melee Weapon – One-Handed – Medium Speed

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