Fallout 4: Nuka-World – Here’s How to Access the New DLC Area


Nuka-World is open for business, and here’s how you can access Fallout 4’s final DLC. Promising plenty of macabre fun, the creepy ruins of Nuka-World are home to sadistic raiders and plenty of other mutant denizens. It’s also full of new gear, weapons, and items to collect. If you want to get in on the fun, here’s what you’ll need to know.

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Beginner Guide – How to Access Nuka-World

Want to get started right away? Here’s the quick-and-dirty info you need to know to get into Nuka-World. Don’t worry, for most people it’s pretty easy.

There’s only one requirement to start the main add-on quest — you’ll need to be Level 30 or higher. But, players of any level can still access Nuka-World and explore.

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  1. Download the latest update / Nuka-World DLC.
    • Restart Fallout 4 if you haven’t already! Also, check in the “add-ons” section in the main menu. If Nuka-World is listed, not grayed out, and reads “Installed” under the promo image, you’re good to go.
  2. Load a save gave. Any at all will do.
    • You’ll need to be Level 30 to begin the main quest, but you can access the Nuka-World area at any time. Just follow the gallery right here!
  3. Open your Pip-Boy and access the Radio tab. Select “Nuka-Cola Family Radio” to start the the quest All Aboard!
    • Alternatively, you can just travel to the Nuka-World Transit Center. Check out the map here to find it!
  4. Travel to the Nuka-World Transit Center marked on your map, or just follow our gallery.
    • The area is guarded by gunners. You’ll need to be well-armed to take these goons out.
    • Defeat Commander Kaylor and collect the document “Kaylor’s Orders” from their body.
  5. Find the large building beyond the square that leads underground.
    • Talk to Harvey underground and agree to help. He’ll offer to send you to Nuka-World.
    • If you have enough CHR, you can select to “Offer a Stimpack” — then choose one of the options to insist. If you’re successful, Harvey will reveal he’s working for the raiders and give you the Control Terminal Password.
  6. Whether you deal with Harvey peacefully or not, restore power to the subway train by going to the “Nuka-Express Control Terminal” located behind the ticket booth.
  7. At the computer, select [Power Grid Management] and then select [Activate Rail Power] — located above the Auxiliary Power option.
  8. Go to the front of the subway train and interact with the conductor’s seat. You’ll finally get the option to “Travel to Nuka-World” — select it.


Now you’re off to a place where all your dreams can come true. Welcome to the (sorta) happiest place on Earth.

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