Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Bowling Ball Launcher Location Guide

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Take bowling to its logical extreme with this awesomely ridiculous new unique weapon found in Far Harbor, the new add-on for Fallout 4. This unique Mini-Nuke Launcher variant fires a special type of ammo — modified bowling balls. It’s a devastatingly powerful weapon that will bowl over even the stiffed competition. Learn where to find this hilarious thing with our quick location guide below.

The foggy islands of Far Harbor are home to all sorts of new and strange things. Most importantly, that includes tons of high-level armor and weapons to play around with. Recipes made from all-new aquatic themed monsters are included, and other unique upgrades like guard dogs can be found for the right price. There are four new settlements to conquer and over twenty locations to explore, with three major factions to juggle while experiencing the story.

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Bowling Ball Launcher Location Guide

The ludicrous new weapon is found south of Far Harbor in the ghoul-infested Beaver Creek Lanes. Travel to the distinctive building and enter the maintenance hallways to the left of the lanes. Go behind the pins and you’ll reach stairs leading up to an office with Chem and Weapon stations. The Striker is mounted on a bench with a handful of ammo.


  • The Striker
    • Location: Far Harbor – Beaver Creek Lanes – Found in the Manager’s Office behind the bowling lanes.
    • Heavy Weapon – Mini-Nuke Launcher Variant – Uses Modified Bowling Ball Ammo
    • Bonus: 50% chance to cripple the target’s leg.

There’s more info on a nearby computer terminal, revealing this impressive weapon’s (not-that-impressive) backstory. So much to say about this thing, but we think the damage speaks for itself. Check it out for yourself and let us know of any other amazing weapons in the comments section.

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