Explore Fallout’s Far Harbor With These 10 Essential Locations


Fallout 4: Far Harbor is a big place. There’s so much new to explore it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ten destinations you don’t want to miss in the expansion. Some are obvious stops on your quest to bring peace to the island, while some aren’t known to even the most dedicated adventurers. All of these travel locations have something awesome to share — from unique weapons and armor, to more specialized services not found in the Commonwealth.  Discover all that’s awesome in Far Harbor with the travel guide below.

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Far Harbor Travel Guide

So, you’ve just landed on Far Harbor and you’re looking for valuable items, worthwhile quests, and cool places to explore. We’ve got you covered. Stop at each of the map markers or take a virtual tour with our gallery showing off the many unique locales found only in Far Harbor.


#1: Far Harbor

This coastal dock village is home to several shops and a quaint tavern called The Last Plank where you can grab a free drink from the friendly bartender Mitch. The rest of the town isn’t so invited, but Captain Avery will gladly point out some questing opportunities.

Far Harbor is your first point of contact on the island and the nicest place to hang out after a long day of foggy exploration. Use the gun workbench to store your supplies and meet with Longfellow to lead you to another point of interest later on. This hub provides plenty of optional side-quests and the stores are stocked with new outfits and armaments to test.

If you’re looking for real adventure, and real rewards, then continue on to the next few locations.

#2: Vim! Pop Abandoned Truck

This abandoned truck houses a totally free-and-easy set of T-51 Power Armor, painted up with advertisements for the local Vim! Pop beverage that’s common on the island. There’s nothing to guard the armor, making this an easy grab that won’t put a dent in your fancy new suit.

Beware, the roads leaving Far Harbor and heading west are protected by Trappers. These angry outcasts shoot first and ask questions never, but they usually congregate around large structures or main roads. Use the forests for cover, and you should be safe from marauding bandits.

If you decide to roam the beaches to stay out of sight, beware Mirelurks — they’re common near the ocean.

#3: Beaver Creek Lanes

The ghoul-infested bowling place is home to a totally unique gun that very few Sole Survivors know about. Fight your way through the unfriendly inhabitants to reach the manager’s officer up the steps from the maintenance halls behind the pin-receivers. Up there you’ll find “The Striker” — a modified Fat Man mini-nuke launcher that shoots a totally unique type of ammunition — bowling balls!

The Striker can even be modified to launch mini-nuke ammo. Bowling ball ammo is pretty rare — it’s only located in Beaver Creek Lanes, next to the launcher itself, but more can be manufactured at any Chemical crafting station. Bowl over enemies with this awesomely ludicrous weapon you can grab right at the start of your adventure; it’s only a few blocks from Far Harbor itself.

#4: Cliff’s Edge Hotel

West of Far Harbor, you’ll spot a massive hotel looming up the hill overlooking the northern shore of the island. This vast palatial hotel hides more than a few secrets — some you might have to wait to uncover. After introducing yourself to DiMA in Acadia, the robot Pearl will appear in Far Harbor in search of a detective. Agree to help her and you’ll find the robot back at the Cliff’s Edge entranceway.

Follow her, and you’ll begin a true murder mystery adventure in the underground Vault 118. This hidden area features plenty of awesome exclusive items, like a Pirate Captain’s Hat and a Vault 118 suit. There’s a gift ship with other fancy apparel, too. Just make sure you don’t accuse the wrong person while investigating this ghastly (and completely silly, playing into Agatha Christie stereotypes for fun) parlor game.

#5: Horizon Flight 1207

Further west of Far Harbor and the hotel, you just might stumble onto something totally unique — a friendly super-mutant and his kennel of trained dogs. This unique super-mutant wears a fur hood (that can be stolen and given to Strong, if you’re feeling cruel) and sells guard dogs for a sleek 250 caps each. His kennel includes a regular mutt, a wolf, and a mutant hound.

If you bring Dogmeat to the trainer, he’ll give your pup a free blue bandanna. Find him housed in the wreckage of a crashed airliner just west of the northern lake.

#6: Acadia

The center of the island’s troubles and where you’ll resolve the majority of the quests, Acadia is a synth refuge lead by a prototype synth that’s gone through a number of upgrades since his escape. DiMA is a synth with a history to hide, but he’ll offer the Sole Survivor plenty of aid — Acadia has a doctor and several vendors to grab supplies.

While in Acadia, don’t miss out on the scientist’s quest to collect Aster. This is an easy way to get caps if you like searching the wasteland for blackened flowers.

Acadia is where you’ll find your target; Kasumi Nakano, but she won’t leave until peace is restored on the island. How you complete the quests given in Acadia will change the fate of the island’s inhabitants. No pressure!

#7: Vim! Pop Factory

Further south you’ll find friends of Erickson the dog breeder. Super-mutants control the soda pop factory, and the location even conceals a hidden synth surgery that Nick Valentine can gain access to thanks to his status as a bona fide synth prototype.

Other than Grun, Erickson’s former super-mutant boss, you’ll also find a souped-up suit of Vim! Power Armor inside the factory complex. Don’t miss the Vim! brewing area, where you can collect recipes for every type of Vim! pop to brew yourself. Check the control center room above the vats and use the terminals to get the recipes.

#8: The Nucleus

The hub of all island-based Children of Atom operations, this dangerously irradiated group will let you join after a nasty initiation ceremony. The Children of Atom aren’t so bad when you get to know them, and their vendors sell some awesome Zealot Marine Armor, alongside sleek Marine Wetsuits and Tactical Masks if you’re feeling sneaky.

You’ll also find DiMA’s memories deep in the submarine bay control center. These complex puzzles reveal plenty of other awesome (and secret) locations you might want to explore, but there’s no way to access the terminal without DiMA’s permission. Don’t explore too deep without speaking to DiMA first.

#9: Cranberry Island

This mysterious island doesn’t look like much to the casual observer — there are not quests or NPCs to talk to, but there is a secret to solve.

Across the island, there are three generators that must be repaired and activated. Turning on all three opens a hidden bunker door under the house on Cranberry Island Bog. The gruesome bunker is where you’ll find ghouls — and more importantly, a shed key.

On the southern shore of Cranberry Island, you’ll find the Supply Shed. Open the door with that new key and be wowed by the contents — tons of rare crafting materials and ammunition. The shed restocks every few days, giving you an endless supply of stuff to making building or upgrading weapons much easier.

#10: The Shipbreaker

The final secret of the island isn’t so easy to locate. While exploring the island, you’ll occasionally pick-up a strange radio signal called “Shipbreaker’s Radio Frequency” — tune to that frequency and follow the signal strength to locate a powerful creature — the Shipbreaker!

This monster won’t be easy to handle. Talking to Old Longfellow starts the “Shipbreaker” quest. Bring him to the radio frequency to spot the giant Fog Crawler in the distance. If you can manage to defeat this creature, Old Longfellow will reward you with a legendary Harpoon Gun variant called “Skipper’s Last Stand.”

There’s still so much to discover and find for yourself in Far Harbor. Found a location we missed? Something special and worth exploring? Let us know in the comments!

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