Fallout 4: BioShock Infinite-Themed Settlement Brings Columbia to the Commonwealth

Fallout 4 players continue to produce impressive settlements and now we have one of the most accomplished yet, a flying Colombia-themed settlement from Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite.

Most of the objects used are available in the base game if you’re planning to make your own but you can find out the mods involved on GirlPlaysGame.com. The video below from GPG Shepard show off the Rapture-themed posters, American patriotic statues, and neon light sign with Columbia’s name. There are also lightbox hot air balloons and a settler who looks very much like Booker DeWitt.

A standalone mod is planned and should be available once Fallout 4’s GECK editor launches. Presumably this settlement isn’t bothered by deathclaws, which is more than be said for certain other unfortunate Commonwealth villages.