Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Best Armor Guide | Assault Marine Locations

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For the Sole Survivor who has everything, the Far Harbor exclusive Assault Marine armor easily outclasses all its apparel competition. This is an advanced piece of gear, unblemished and taken from sealed (sunken) containers around the expansion’s island. They’re basically impossible to find without a map, but we’ve discovered exactly how to track all six major pieces down — including a stealthy under-apparel wetsuit to pull the whole ensemble together. Get all the details in the complete guide below.

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Best Gear Guide | Marine Armor Locations

If you’re looking for high-level protection, there’s no better option than the Assault Marine Combat Armor. This unique set of upgradeable armor provides far more protection than the next-best option and can be modded to give the weighty set a lighter frame.

How to Unlock the Assault Marine Combat Armor Stash Locations

Warning: The Assault Marine Combat Armor stashes will not spawn until the 5th DiMA memory is complete. This armor cannot be collected early or without completing that memory puzzle.

To earn this set of armor, you’ll need to complete the fifth DiMA memory puzzle found in the “Best Left Forgotten” quest, given by Kasumi Nakano. She is located in Acadia’s lower floor and initiates the mission that eventually sends you to the Children of Atom.

  • Speak with DiMA to learn the coordinates for the Children of Atom’s HQ — the Nucleus. Join their ranks, then enter the Nucleus Command Center with Faraday’s program to initiate the memory puzzles.

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When the fifth puzzle is solved, listen to the memory tape. To get the locations marked on your map:

  1. Open the Pip-Boy and scroll to Data -> Quests
  2. Scroll down to Miscellaneous
  3. Select “Find the Marine Combat Armor Shipments”

All three Marine Combat Armor stashes will appear on your map.

Marine Combat Armor Locations

  • Stash #1: Marine Armor Right Arm / Left Arm – Found in a sunken ship east of Harbor Grand Hotel.
  • Stash #2: Marine Armor Chest Piece / Helmet – Southwest of Rayburn Point inside an underwater cargo container.
  • Stash #3: Marine Armor Right Leg / Left Leg – West of Haddock Cove, found in a trunk in a sunken ship.

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