List of Fallout 4 “Far Harbor” DLC Trophies

FarHarborHeaderThe first big story expansion for Fallout 4 comes out on May 19th for those of us who didn’t get into the beta.

Via exophase, we now know the names of the trophies in the Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor. Out of ten trophies, nine are bronze and Close to Home is silver.


Five Trophies center around completing the quest of the same name: Close to Home, Far From Home, Where You Belong, The Way Life Should Be, and Cleansing the Land.

You get Hooked for defeating 30 Far Harbor Sea Creatures, New England Vacationer for discovering 20 Far Harbor Locations, Push back the Fog for unlocking 3 Far Harbor Workshop locations, Just Add Saltwater for cooking one of the Far Harbor recipes, and The Islander’s Almanac for collecting every magazine of the same name.

You can check out the trailer and some screenshots released this past week here.