Fallout 4: Far Harbor – How to Access the New DLC


Before you take a trip to Fallout 4’s Far Harbor, there’s something the Sole Survivor first needs to accomplish. The colonies on the far-off island are inhabited by a special group of Synths, and only one certain character with an affinity for those artificial humans can get the Far Harbor story started. Don’t worry, we’ll go over all the details in the complete guide below.

Most Fallout 4 fans will already have this task done, but if you’re new to the game or just need a push in the right direction, you’ll find locations and tips for completing the required main story quest.

Far Harbor sends the Sole Survivor to unfamiliar territory. The aquatic-themed island is home to uniquely mutated monstrosities with a certain Lovecraftian twist, along with the required death cults and ever-present layer of thick fog. New weapons like the Harpoon Gun and Marine Armor apparel add to the saltwater atmosphere of the lonely isle, and you’ll absolutely want to explore every inch of the lost locale.

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How to Access Far Harbor


To start the Far Harbor DLC quest, you’ll need the Synth detective Nick Valentine as a companion. To get him on your good side, you’ll need to:

  1. Complete the quest “Getting a Clue” – Find more details below.
  2. Download the Far Harbor DLC – Check “Add-ons” in the main menu to see if it is installed.
  3. Load a character.
  4. Open your pip-boy and select “Valentine’s Detective Agency Radio”
  5. Activating the new radio station will immediately unlock the “Far From Home” quest.
  6. Follow “Far From Home” to reach the new Far Harbor area.

The “Getting a Clue” quest is unlocked after completing “Unlikely Valentine” — travel to Diamond City in west-central Boston, there are signs pointing to Diamond City all over the inner-city Commonwealth area. From there, talk to Ellie Perkins in the Valentine Detective Agency. It’s found in an alley behind the main marketplace.

Ellie Perkins reveals that Nick Valentine has been kidnapped. He’s being held at Park Street Station by a gang of well-dressed gangsters calling themselves the Triggermen. Rescue good ol’ Nick, and that leads into the “Getting a Clue” quest.

In “Getting a Clue” — you’ll investigate the house of a mercenary named Kellog. This is a short quest; the main challenge is acquiring a key to open his front door. If you’re not good at persuasion, lock-picking, or pickpocketing, then purchase some chems and give them to Mama Murphy for clues.

Inside Kellog’s house, interact with the secret button behind his desk to reveal a hidden room. Pick up the cigar in the secret room to complete this short quest.

If you weren’t already, now you’re ready to begin Far Harbor.

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