Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Breathe Underwater | Dive Suit Guide

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One unique set of Fallout 4 armor makes it easy to explore the watery depths of Far Harbor — and we’ve got a quick location guide showing you where to get it. The Rescue Dive Suit doesn’t just provide unlimited oxygen while swimming in the sea, it also protects against water-based radiation. Basically, this suit makes those swimming perks almost entirely obsolete. Yes, there are perks that do the same thing as this suit (prevent radiation damage, unlimited oxygen) but this ugly old diving bell is so much more fashionable. See where to go and what to do to earn the Rescue Dive Suit with our quick guide below.

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Rescue Dive Suit Location Guide

To earn the Rescue Dive Suit, you’ll need to complete all the optional side-quests in Far Harbor. Talk to Teddy, Captain Avery, Small Bertha, Mitch, Cassie Dalton, the Mariner and Old Longfellow to accept their quests.

Required Quests Include:

  1. Living on the Edge (Far Harbor – Captain Avery)
  2. Hull Breach (Far Harbor – The Mariner)
  3. Blood Tide (Far Harbor – Cassie Dalton)

Once you’ve completed all of these quests, Captain Avery will offer a final side-quest: The Changing Tide. Talk to Avery and the Rescue Dive Suit will be your’s.

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