Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Discover the Secrets of Cranberry Island

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If you’ve explored every inch of the new Fallout 4: Far Harbor expansion, you might be asking this question — what’s the deal with Cranberry Island? We’ll tell you the deal right here; an infinite supply of rare crafting materials, right at your finger-tips and ready to unlock.

The location, found far from Far Harbor and placed at southeastern corner of the island, is filled with empty structures and plenty of sites to explore. At first, it seems awfully strange that there are no quests associated with the place, not even a simple side-quest to explain all the hard work Bethesda put into detailed the various stations and villages bearing the “Cranberry” moniker. As it turns out, there’s a small puzzle to solve that leads to a bunker full of supplies. Just check out the step-by-step instructions below to unlock it.

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Discover the Secrets of Cranberry Island


Cranberry Island features three important locations; Cranberry Island Docks, Cranberry Island Bogs, and the Cranberry Island Supply Shed. If you’re eager to claim an unlimited supply of crafting materials, you’ll find the stash through the locked door in the Supply Shed at the southern tip of the island.

The Supply Shed itself is locked. To obtain the key, follow these steps:

  1. Take the hand drawn Island Map located to the right of the locked Supply Shed door. This marks three generators.
  2. Locate all three using the map, or follow the points on the map in the gallery above. Each generator is a large yellow structure with yellow cylinders. Each can be repaired with skills or crafting materials. Complete the repairs on all three, then flip the breaker switches.
  3. When all three generators are active, go to Cranberry Island Bog and look for a bunker entrance beneath the patio on the raised building over the farming equipment. Go inside, get rid of the ghouls, and grab the Supply Shed key from the container.
  4. Return to the Supply Shed and open the locked door with your new key. Now you can enjoy a huge haul of renewable crafting supplies.

Inside the Supply Shed you’ll find: 32 screws, 7 rubber, 10 antiseptic, 17 bags of cement, 12 gears, 4 oil cans, 15 springs, 20 steel, 18 aluminum, 7 cork, 6 fertilizer, 7 acid, 14 asbestos, 10 ballistic fiber, 9 fiber optic, 18 leather, 17 lead, 19 cloth, 15 duct tape, 6 fertilizer, 6 fiberglass.

Every few days there materials will respawn, so come back often when you’re in need of rare or uncommon crafting materials. There’s more than enough to go around.

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