Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Easy Vim! Unique Power Armor Location

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Want a fancy new set of T-51 Power Armor but don’t want to travel far from Far Harbor? The island-centric add-on for Fallout 4 has you covered with one secret suit location. This armor, randomly located abandoned on a road on the northern shoreline of the island, has a special Vim! corporation marketing paint-job. Show your brand recognition and enjoy one free set of Power Armor that’s really easy to get, even if you’re a low-level beginner. Seriously, there aren’t even any guards! It’s a steal.

This is one of two Vim! Cola Power Armor suits, but this one doesn’t have any special legendary bonus buffs. The stats might not be that exciting, but the location is perfect. You won’t have to trek halfway across the island to grab this suit, or fight through an army of angry Super Mutants. All it takes is a leisurely stroll west from Far Harbor.

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Easy Vim! Unique Power Armor Location

This Vim!-painted Power Armor is located on the northern shore of the Island map. It’s found north of the National Park Visitor’s Center, on the road that snakes along the island’s beaches. If you follow the road northwest from Far Harbor to Dalton’s Farm, you can’t miss it.


The Vim! Power Armor is found inside the back of a Vim! corporation truck. Step inside the open back to collect the cargo. It is hanging from a Power Armor station.

There is another set of Vim! Power Armor located in the Vim! Factory around the center of the map. This suit is protected by Super Mutants deep in island territory. If you’re brave, go for it.

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