Fallout 4: Far Harbor – How to Get 3 New Settlement Guard Dogs


Hidden in the foggy hills of Far Harbor, there is a Super Mutant dog trainer willing to sell his domesticated pups to the right buyer. These dogs — one Mutant Hound, one normal dog, and a wolf — can be purchased and sent back to your settlement for the low sum of 250 caps each.

They aren’t travelling companions, instead you’ll send them to the workshop you want protected. While not as versatile as Dogmeat, these critters are a pretty awesome way to keep your settlers protected without having to wait for new population in a fledgling location. Learn where to buy these dogs, and get a close look at them with our gallery and guide below.

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How to Get 3 New Guard Dogs

The three guard dogs, Mishka (wolf), Gracie (dog), and Duke (Mutant Hound) are all found for sale at Horizon Flight 1207. The crash is found southwest and across the watery bog from Far Harbor.


The site is occupied by a single Super Mutant trapper named Erickson. Talk to him and make peace, and he’ll offer to see his dogs for 250 caps each. If you choose to buy a dog, a selection menu will allow you to send the dog to guard your preferred settlement location.

Unlike with Dogmeat, the dogs won’t listen to further orders once you send them to a settlement. They don’t follow you around. They’re content to patrol and protect civilians from raiders or other nasty wasteland creatures.

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