Fallout 4: Nuka-World – ‘Cappy in a Haystack’ Quest Completion Guide


This is no ordinary Fallout 4 quest. Instead of spoon-feeding the Sole Survivor waypoints, this quest only provides a pair of decoder glasses and 10 hints to go by. If you’re looking to arm-up and earn one of the most destructive schematics of the Commonwealth, then jump ahead to the Cappy code locations listed below.

Let’s back up. So, this quest sees the return of the Nuka-obsessed Sierra Petrovita of Fallout 3 fame. She’s still hunting down Nuka secrets, and this might be the biggest secret of them all. By finding 10 hidden Cappy images, you’ll get a chance to piece together a code and enter the office of Nuka-Cola’s inventor. You’ll also get new apparel and weapons for all your hard work. Not a bad deal after all, considering that the big prize at the end of Fallout: New Vegas for collecting caps turned out to be nothing at all.

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 ‘Cappy in a Haystack’ Quest Completion Guide

What makes this quest special? There are ten hidden images you’ll need to locate and interact with. The hints push you in the right direction, but won’t give any exact locations. If you need help finding any of the 10 secret Cappy images, scroll down to find all the locations in detail.

  • How to Start the Quest: Start the quest by locating Sierra Petrovita. She wanders around the courtyard south of the Fizztop Grille, near the Nuka-Cade building.

Talk to Sierra and she’ll provide you with the unique Cappy Glasses and a list of clues to help you find the 10 hidden Cappy images. You’ll need to equip the Cappy Glasses to see the secret pictures properly, so keep those equipped when you’re on the hunt.

Find all ten Cappies to complete the secret code. Once you find a code, interact with the image to “save” that cappy collectible. Here are the places you’ll want to look.


  • Cappy #1: Nuka-Town, USA – Southwest of the Fizztop Grille, marked on the interior of the large barrier wall between the Stroller Dropoff and the restrooms.
  • Cappy #2: Galactic World – Follow the left wall of Star Control until you reach a gate. The image is to the left of that gate, right next to the “Employees Only” sign.
  • Cappy #3: Galactic World – Left of the Robco Battlezone, look for the large “Space Walk” path — at the top, nearby there is a dead-end corner with trashcans. The cappy is emblazoned on the nearby wall.
  • Cappy #4: Safari Adventure – At the entrance to the Safari Adventure Primate House, look behind the bushes and the large primate statue.
  • Cappy #5: Safari Adventure – Inside the safari zone’s hedge maze, northwest of the Primate House. Find an exposed stone wall dead-end inside the maze to find this cappy.
  • Cappy #6: Kiddie Kingdom – Deep inside the Fun House, you’ll reach a spinning neon green platform — open all the red doors to find a seemingly empty closet that contains one cappy code piece.
  • Cappy #7: Kiddie Kingdom – Climb to the top of the large (and partially ruined) Kiddie Kingdom clock tower. Take the stairs up and you’ll find the cappy painted on an interior wall.
  • Cappy #8: World of Refreshment – Enter the quantum river through the entrance and look at the sides of the old west-style buildings along the main path. Stand at a cactus and look toward the building sides to easily spot this one.
  • Cappy #9: Doc Phosphate’s Saloon – Travel slightly southwest of the saloon to locate an old west graveyard. Search the back of the gravestones to mark your penultimate cappy.
  • Cappy #10: Dry Rock Gulch – Talk to Sheriff Eagle to begin his quest “High Noon at the Gulch”. Find the three other robots to complete the Safe Combination Pieces and open Sheriff Eagle’s safe. Once you have access to Mad Mulligan’s Mine, go to the water-fall cavern and look for a small shack near the flowing water. On the exterior walls, you’ll find the last cappy code.

Return to Sierra Petrovita to learn what all these letters spell; REFRESHMENT. That’s your code! Enter it into Cappy Keypad and enter Bradberton’s Office to get your just deserts.

So, what’s inside? There’s a veritable treasure-trove of items, but only if you locate a secret button. Look on the right-side of the Nuka-Cola vending machine on the top floor of the office. There’s a button — press it to reveal a hidden passage behind a bookcase! Take the elevator down and…

Well, we don’t want to spoil everything. Just think about all those rumors about Walt Disney and cryogenic freezing.

You’ll face two choices at the end of the quest, depending on what you choose, you can get one of the following:

  • Side with Bradberton:
    • Rewards: Nuka-Nuke (Mini-Nuke Ammo Variant) Schematics, Nuka-Nuke Launcher
  • Side with Sierra:
    • Reward: Nuka-World Jumpsuit

You can get BOTH rewards by following this simple little solution:

  1. Side with Sierra at the end of the quest.
  2. Turn off the generator power after the quest is complete.

Completing this betrayal will turn Sierra hostile, so you’ll have to kill her. Don’t worry, there’s nothing left to do with her character anyway, but if you don’t want to fight her, don’t turn off the power.

With the Nuka-Nuke schematics, you can construct Nuka-Nuke ammo at Chemistry Stations. This ammo-type only works for the Nuka-Nuke Launcher, which is a unique Mini-Nuke Launcher — you can’t modify another Launcher to fire this type of ammo.

  • Nuka-Nuke Recipe Requirements: (1) Mini-Nuke, (1) Nuka-Cola Quantum

The choice is pretty obvious. If you’re going to pick one reward, go with the Nuka-Nuke Launcher. It fires blue mushroom clouds.

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