Fallout 4: Nuka-World – All 15 New Nuka-Recipes | Locations Guide


Collect a full set of Nuka-World exclusive recipes and earn the “Beverageer” achievement / trophy with all 15 Fallout 4 locations.

The expansive theme park houses all sorts of new Nuka-Cola flavors, and you can take advantage of the variety with the new Mixing Station. These unique crafting stations are only found in Nuka-World, but you can create amazing concoction with the right mix of Nuka-Cola varieties. Some of the upgraded recipes are unbelievably powerful — unnecessarily so — but you’ll have to decide how to best use the limited Nuka-Cola resources at your disposal. Check out the complete locations list below.

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‘Beverageer’ Achievement / Trophy Guide | All Nuka Recipes

Nuka-Cola Recipes are a new addition to Fallout 4, and feature their own unique crafting table. Instead of the Chemistry or Cooking Stations, you’ll need to find a Nuka-Cola Mixing Station to take advantage of these Nuka-Recipes.

There are 15 recipes in total, and they all take advantage of the new Nuka-Cola flavors found throughout Nuka-World. Supplies are limited, so mix wisely. Here’s where you’ll find all the recipes.

  • Nuka-Cide Recipe: Nuka-Town USA – Cappy’s Cafe – Found in the backroom office behind the trader counter.
  • Nuka-Punch Recipe: Grandchester Mystery Mansion – Located at the end of the tour, where you’ll encounter a lone Gunner boss. Found on a bureau with a yellow lamp.
  • Nuka-Rush Recipe: Safari Adventure – Welcome Center – Left on the reception desk down the steps from the entrance.
  • Nuka-Xtreme Recipe: Dry Rock Gulch – Theater – Up on the rooftop with the flag where you’ll claim the park for one of the Raider gangs, look on the small table next to the sitting corpse.
  • Nuka-Void Recipe: Galactic Zone – Starlight Interstellar Theater – Found on the counter in the main theater area where the Sentry Bot is stationed.
  • Nuka-Cooler Recipe: Galactic Zone – Star Market – Enter Star Market from the Star Control square. Just as you enter, turn left and look in the first shop — the recipe is on the book display case.
  • Nuka-Ray Recipe: Galactic Zone – RobCo Battlezone – Found on the ground in the gift shop underneath the bleachers.
  • Nuka-Berry Recipe: Kiddie Kingdom – King Cola’s Castle – Located in the dressing room backstage, on a counter beneath a lit mirror.
  • Nuka-Power Recipe: Nuka-World Power Plant – Found in a large suspended office with a billiard table near the hatch. Look on the skeleton’s desk.
  • Nuka-Frutti Recipe: Hubologist’s Camp – Found in the main diner camp area, on a booth table.
  • Nuka-Bombdrop Recipe: Dry Rock Gulch – Mad Mulligan’s Mine (Exterior) – Look on the Nuka-themed food cart to the left of the Minecart ride, between the Bandit Roundup game.
  • Nuka-Sunrise Recipe: Dry Rock Gulch – Crack the Expert lock on the exterior red door found to the right of the Theater.
  • Nuka-Lixir Recipe: Kiddie Kingdom – Fun House – Complete the Fun House to access the Employees Only tunnels. Go to the computer terminal overlooking the two spinning platforms to find the recipe.
  • Nuka-Hearty Recipe: Safari Adventure – Jungle Journey Theater – Go to the shack found behind the theater stage.
  • Nuka-Love Recipe: Evan’s Home – Find this lonely scavenger south of Nuka-Station. Talk to him and he’ll offer supplies. Agree to take them for a recipe reward.

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