Fallout 4: Nuka-World – Star Core Locations | Quantum Armor Guide


Want the best Fallout 4: Nuka World Power Armor? Then you’ll need to locate all 35 Star Cores — special circuit boards that connect to the missing slots in Star Control. This is all related to the ‘Star Control’ quest, but only 20 are required. To unlock the display case and grab that shiny suit of Quantum Power Armor, you’ll need all 35.

Most of the Star Cores aren’t too tricky to find — they’re mostly found in the four Galactic Zone attractions with markers on your map. It’s the remaining handful of cores left all over that park that’re going to be a problem. Some cores are in different areas of Nuka-World, and one is all the way out in the junkyard west of the park proper. If you’re eager to unlock that special Power Armor, check out the tips below.

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Star Core Locations | Quantum Armor Guide

Entering the Galactic Zone, you’ll find the remains of a battle. This will start the “Star Control” quest — to complete the quest, you’ll need to locate 20 missing Star Cores and install them in the empty red panels spread around the mainframe terminals.

If you want to earn the powerful Quantum Power Armor, you’ll need to final all 35 Star Cores. Let’s get started.

Galactic Zone Cores:

  • Star Core #1: Star Walk – Look in the metal cage at the bottom of the Star Walk, located left of the RobCo Battlezone.
  • Star Core #3: Starport Nuka – Found on the second floor, inside a locked glass display case.
  • Star Core #4: Starport Nuka – Open the glass doors to the first floor to access the terminal. You’ll find another Star Core nearby a dead body on the floor.
  • Star Core #4: Starport Nuka – Circle around behind the Star Control room and pass the burnt-out bus, then check out the dumpster area. The Star Core is on the ground in the pile of trash.
  • Star Core #5: Project G-Force – Find this at the top of the “Project G-Force” elevator ride.
  • Star Core #6: Nuka-Galaxy – Between the Nuka-Galaxy ride entrance and the Splashdown pool, look for a trailer behind shuttered booth. The core is located inside.
  • Star Core #7: Starport Nuka – Ride the central elevator in Starport Nuka to the viewing platform at the top. You’ll have to complete the final story mission in Nuka-World to re-activate the power and access this area.

Starlight Interstellar Theater:

  • Star Core #1: Found in the main theater, in the mixing area where the Sentry Bot bartender is stationed.
  • Star Core #2: Enter the bathroom down the left-path and look in the ruined wall. A scavenger has the Star Core near his corpse.
  • Star Core #3: Go to the Cafe on the right-path and collect the pantry key behind the counter. The core is found in the locked pantry.
  • Star Core #4: Take the elevator up into the projection booth to discover the final core in the theater.

RobCo Battlezone Cores:

  • Star Core #1 & #2: Enter the ‘Employees Only’ locked door to the left just as you enter. Go up to the control room to discover two cores. Don’t miss the Battlezone Key on a terminal near the glass.
  • Star Core #3: Check the shelf of the gift shop located underneath the bleachers in the main arena visitor’s area.
  • Star Core #4: Use one of the arena side-entrances to reach the Battlezone basement area. Look on the terminals down below to grab one more core.
  • Star Core #5 & #6: The final two cores are located inside the main arena itself. Going inside will initiate a battle with waves of RobCo enemies.

Vault-Tec: Among the Stars:

  • Star Core #1, #2 & #3: At the end of the tour, grab the Employee Keys from one of the desks in the exit area. Use the keys to enter the Employees Only area and reach the small interior control room.
  • Star Core #4: Grab the key from the lockers in the Employees Only area, then enter the back office through the locked door in the ruined family room. The core is located inside this monitoring office.
  • Star Core #5: Go through the family room’s ruined wall (in the kitchen) to reach a generator room that’s flush with radiation. The core is attached to the terminal in the back-left corner.
  • Star Core #6: Back at the opening of the tour, go to the first room that’s been dressed to look like a rocket landing site. Behind the rocks, to the left of the rocket ship, is another locked door hiding an office with the area’s last core.

Nuka-Galaxy Cores:

  • Star Core #1: While moving through the line area, look for an office behind glass labeled “Mission Control” — this area can be accessed after completing the full ride path.
  • Star Core #2: Through the first unlocked door, look in the back corner of the office before stepping out into the back-set of the ride.
  • Star Core #3: Follow the main path through the asteroid field and down the steps to reach another maintenance tunnel. There’s a white terminal on the left with a discarded gun and a Star Core.
  • Star Core #4: Reaching the planet surface set with the automated alien animatronics, follow the catwalks to a terminal above the bunker. The core is found on the computer.
  • Star Core #5: Taking the stairs up and up, you’ll reach a room with catwalks on the left and right. Take the steps on the left to a small terminal alcove with one more core. This is right at the start of the path filled with UFOs armed with plenty of laser turrets.
  • Star Core #6: Finally at the exit, find one of the cores attached to the terminal near the rail tracks.
  • Star Core #7: The final Core is through the locked door into the Employees Only room connected to the exit chamber. The core is attached to the red terminals, in a corner of the room.

Outside Galactic Zone Cores:

  • Star Core #1: Dry Rock Gulch – Travel down the alley from the Graveyard / Saloon. At the end of the stone path, there’s a handful of corpses carrying a single Star Core.
  • Star Core #2: Nuka-World Junkyard – Enter the large blue-hued barn-like warehouse and take the side-door to the upper-level office. The core is to the left of the computer desk. This is the same spot where you’ll find a Scav! magazine.
  • Star Core #3: Nuka-Cade – Enter the Employees Only maintenance room and check the workbenchs to spot this Star Core.
  • Star Core #4: World of Refreshment – At the locked terminal door in the Quantum mixing chamber, look in the corner with the Gunner corpses.
  • Star Core #5: Nuka-Town USA Market – Found on the wares table to the left of Shelbie Chase’s store.

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