Fallout 4: Nuka-World – Fastest Way to Earn Nuka-Cade Tickets

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Exploit the Nuka-Cade system to earn an endless stream of easy tickets with this simple Fallout 4: Nuka-World farming method. The Nuka-Cade has plenty of mini-games to experience, but only one can help you earn thousands of tickets in a handful of minutes. You’ll be able to earn the tough “Eyes on the Prize” trophy / achievement without expending too much effort, just follow our tips below.

What does Nuka-Cade have to offer? Mini-Nukes for one, and the legendary Acid Soaker pistol are at the top tier of the prize pile. Beyond that, you can get specialty Nuka-Cola flavors, raider armor sets, or tons of souvenir trinkets to remember your special time in Nuka-World.

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How to Get Nuka-Cade Tickets – The Fast & Easy Way

The Nuka-Cade is where you’ll find unique weapons and items — but only if you’ve got tons of tickets. Here are some pointers on the finer details of the Nuka-Cade barter system.

  • Tickets are earned by playing mini-games in the Nuka-Cade.
  • To play mini-games, you’ll need to use Nuka-Cade tokens.
    • Nuka-Cade tokens are often found in Nuka-World trash containers, or they can be earned by using pre-war money on token dispensers located in or around the Nuka-Cade.
    • You get 3 tokens for every 1 pre-war money.
    • To start a mini-game, look at the coin slot and interact to spend one token. You’ll have a limited time to play the game, and each game is a little different.
  • Tickets can be redeemed at the Nuka-Cade Prize Terminal. Access the terminal and select “Redeem” to insert your tickets. Now you’re ready to purchase prizes!

Those are all the basics. What’s the easiest way to earn Nuka-Cade tickets? Follow these steps to get an insane amount of tickets fast.


Nuka-Cade – Easy Ticket Farming 

  1. Go to Bandit Roundup — this is the best place to earn plenty of tickets fast. Bring any weapon with a large magazine size.
    • The best weapon to use is the Spray N’ Pray SMG. The explosive effect makes this the easiest weapon to use, but just about any automatic weapon will work.
    • Any weapon with the explosive effect will make this task insanely easy. You won’t even need to aim, just shoot at the upper-left and lower-right corner to hit each target as it appears.
  2. With Bandit Roundup, you can easily earn upwards of 600 tickets with any weapon. Using explosive weapons, it’s possible to earn a perfect score and get yourself 1000 tickets.
  3. Using explosive legendary automatic weapons means you can earn 4000 tickets per pre-war dollar.

When redeeming tickets at the Nuka-Cade Prize Terminal, all the best items are Prize Level 5. That’s where you’ll find free Mini-Nukes and the devastating Acid Soaker.

Where to Find the Spray N’ Pray?:

  • This legendary SMG can be purchased from a travelling vendor named Cricket. Find them outside Diamond City, Vault 81, Warwick Homestead, or Bunker Hill.

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