Fallout 4: Nuka-World – Complete Achievements / Trophies Guide


Book your wasteland vacation and enjoy all the activities of Nuka-World with our complete achievement / trophy guide for Fallout 4’s final add-on. Completing quests isn’t your only goal here — search for Scav! magazines, unlock new Nuka-Recipes, establish Raider outposts, and play Nuka-Cade mini-games for hours on end. If you’re eager to experience all the content Nuka-World has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place.

Nuka-World takes the Sole Survivor on a magical journey to a raider-infested theme park, complete with haunted mansions and kiddie kingdoms guarded by legions of feral ghouls. Then there are the blood worms, and things only get worse from there. There’s so much to see and do in Nuka-World, it’s tough to know where to start, or when to stop. Here you’ll find short guides explaining how to earn every achievement / trophy, and while that doesn’t exactly cover everything there is to find in Nuka-World, it’s a pretty good start.

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Complete Achievements / Trophies Guide

  • Raiding for a Living

“Complete 12 quests for any Nuka-World Gangs.”

During the “Ambitious Plan” quest, you’ll meet with all three Raider gangs headquartered in Nuka-Town, USA. After speaking with each group, you’ll gain the option to accept small semi-randomly generated side-quests. These quests are completed in the Commonwealth, and you can repeat the quests as often as you like.

To earn this achievement / trophy, you’ll need to finish 12 of the gang quests. The quickest way to victory is this:

  1. Accept a quest from all three gang leaders.
  2. Travel to the Commonwealth and complete all three quests.
  3. Repeat 3 more times.

That way you’ll finish 12 quests and only need to make 4 trips to and from the Commonwealth. These are all small quests and won’t take too long to finish on your own. Just make sure you complete these quests before killing any of the gang faction leaders!

  • Diebrarian

“Collect every issue of Scav! Magazine.”

There are only five issues of Scav! magazine, and each provides a unique perk bonus. For more help finding these rare collectibles, check out the locations below or jump over to our complete guide here:

Scav! Magazine Locations:

  • Scav! Magazine Issue #1: Galactic Zone – Find the Star Control building and follow the rounded exterior walls to a locked gate on the left. The Scav! magazine is found near a ruined bus, sitting next to a loot crate on the wooden boxes.
    • Reward: Increases speech challenge success chance.
  • Scav! Magazine Issue #2: Junkyard – On the western edges of the map, find the junkyard and go upstairs through the interior stairs. Follow the path around to a computer desk (just past the hanging yellow ride seat) — the issue is right there on the desk next to a locked safe.
    • Reward: +25% Combat Knife and Switchblade damage.
  • Scav! Magazine Issue #3: Kiddie Kingdom – Travel up to the northeast corner to discover the Fun House. Fight through the Hall of Mirrors and jump across the rotating platforms to reach the neon green spinners. Enter the tunnel on the right and continue ahead straight through another neon tunnel to find the issue in a dead-end corner.
    • Reward: +10% Hand to hand weapon damage.
  • Scav! Magazine Issue #4: Grandchester Mystery Mansion – Move down to the southwestern corner of the map to find the spooky mansion haunted by ghouls. Go through the whole tour and stop at the Exit sign — enter the employee’s only door (pick the lock) and take the stairs up to an abandoned workshop. Near the entrance to this room, look on your right to spot the issue on some wooden boxes, near a red handcart.
    • Reward: +5% explosives damage.
  • Scav! Magazine Issue #5: Dry Rock Employees Area – Enter the area of Dry Rock Gulch and look for a pair of red cargo containers with wooden boards leading up to the garage roof. Cross from the garage roof onto the central building roof to discover the last magazine on a circular wood table. This area can be accessed after completing the main quest line.
    • Reward: +1 STR & +1 END if you have <= 10,000 caps / +2 STR & +2 END <= 1,000 Caps / +3 STR & +3 END <= 100 Caps.

The achievement / trophy will pop after grabbing the last magazine in Nuka-World.

  • Beverageer

“Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola.”

Flavors of Nuka-Cola can be crafted at special Nuka-Mixers located exclusively on the Nuka-World map. These large red soda fountains come pre-loaded with 5 special flavors. The remaining 15 new flavors have to be collected to complete this achievement / trophy.

To find those 15 missing flavors, continue to the guide below or stop by our Nuka-Recipes guide:


Nuka-Recipes Locations:

  • Nuka-Cide Recipe: Nuka-Town USA – Cappy’s Cafe – Found in the backroom office behind the trader counter.
  • Nuka-Punch Recipe: Grandchester Mystery Mansion – Located at the end of the tour, where you’ll encounter a lone Gunner boss. Found on a bureau with a yellow lamp.
  • Nuka-Rush Recipe: Safari Adventure – Welcome Center – Left on the reception desk down the steps from the entrance.
  • Nuka-Xtreme Recipe: Dry Rock Gulch – Theater – Up on the rooftop with the flag where you’ll claim the park for one of the Raider gangs, look on the small table next to the sitting corpse.
  • Nuka-Void Recipe: Galactic Zone – Starlight Interstellar Theater – Found on the counter in the main theater area where the Sentry Bot is stationed.
  • Nuka-Cooler Recipe: Galactic Zone – Star Market – Enter Star Market from the Star Control square. Just as you enter, turn left and look in the first shop — the recipe is on the book display case.
  • Nuka-Ray Recipe: Galactic Zone – RobCo Battlezone – Found on the ground in the gift shop underneath the bleachers.
  • Nuka-Berry Recipe: Kiddie Kingdom – King Cola’s Castle – Located in the dressing room backstage, on a counter beneath a lit mirror.
  • Nuka-Power Recipe: Nuka-World Power Plant – Found in a large suspended office with a billiard table near the hatch. Look on the skeleton’s desk.
  • Nuka-Frutti Recipe: Hubologist’s Camp – Found in the main diner camp area, on a booth table.
  • Nuka-Bombdrop Recipe: Dry Rock Gulch – Mad Mulligan’s Mine (Exterior) – Look on the Nuka-themed food cart to the left of the Minecart ride, between the Bandit Roundup game.
  • Nuka-Sunrise Recipe: Dry Rock Gulch – Crack the Expert lock on the exterior red door found to the right of the Theater.
  • Nuka-Lixir Recipe: Kiddie Kingdom – Fun House – Complete the Fun House to access the Employees Only tunnels. Go to the computer terminal overlooking the two spinning platforms to find the recipe.
  • Nuka-Hearty Recipe: Safari Adventure – Jungle Journey Theater – Go to the shack found behind the theater stage.
  • Nuka-Love Recipe: Evan’s Home – Find this lonely scavenger south of Nuka-Station. Talk to him and he’ll offer supplies. Agree to take them for a recipe reward.

The next step? You’ll need to scrounge up enough Nuka-Cola to brew every single flavor. That means you’ll need, in total…

  • Nuka-Cola (11), Nuka-Cherry (8), Nuka-Cola Dark (6), Nuka-Cola Wild (6), Nuka-Cola Orange (6), Nuka-Cola Quartz (4), Nuka-Cola Grap (5), Nuka-Cola Victory (4), Nuka-Cola Quantum (4)
  • Dirty Water, Bourbon, Tato, Med-X, Rum, Vodka, Carrot Flower

Nuka-Cola Quantum can be found in abundance in the Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant. Find the main Quantum mixer to get a whole case of Quantum. Other flavors can be found just about anywhere in Nuka-World.

Take special notice of the Nuka-Cola vending machines. While not confirmed, it seems that these machines have a chance to spawn new flavors of Nuka-Cola daily. 

Another source of rare Nuka-Cola flavors is the Nuka-Cade. Check the reward list daily to see which flavors are available. Also stop by the market often! Nuka-Town USA is an easy place to acquire all the misc. items required for mixing Nuka-Recipes.

  • Hostile Takeover

“Establish 8 Raider Camps in the Commonwealth.”

The new Raider Camps feature is introduced during the “Home Sweet Home” quest. This quest begins after “The Grand Tour” and will teach you how to establish Raider Camps in the Commonwealth.


  1. Talk to Shank in Nuka-Town, USA
    • Select “I want to run a job.”
    • Select “Claim new gang outpost.”
  2. Assign one of the three Raider Gangs (Pack, Operators, Disciples).
    • Select an Outpost on the Commonwealth map.
    • Only certain outposts can be taken for Raider gangs.
    • Shank will speak if you can’t select a particular outpost. Try a different location.
  3.  Select your preferred method for establishing an outpost.
    •  Talking: Pass speech-checks to convince — need high CHR.
    • Fighting: Kill everyone in the outpost.
  4. Open the Workshop menu from the bench and construct a Raider gang flag that matches the group you’ve assigned to the outpost.

Voila! You’ve just established a Raider outpost. Keep going until you’ve earned 8 to unlock this achievement / trophy.

  • All Sugared Up

“Defeat 40 Nuka-World Creatures whilst under the effects of any Nuka-mix flavor.”

Nuka-Mix flavors are made with the all-new Nuka-Recipes found in Nuka-World. Starting to see a pattern? Basically, these new flavors provide special buffs, but they don’t last very long.


  • Warning: Some players are experiencing problems with this achievement / trophy. To properly unlock it, only use one of the 15 unlockable Nuka-Recipes. Only use these recipes:
    • Nuka-Cide, Nuka-Punch, Nuka-Rush, Nuka-Xtreme, Nuka-Void, Nuka-Cooler, Nuka-Ray, Nuka-Berry, Nuka-Power, Nuka-Frutti, Nuka-Bombdrop, Nuka-Sunrise, Nuka-Lixir, Nuka-Hearty & Nuka-Love.

To make sure you earn kills while under Nuka-Cola’s effects, bring a powerful weapon and go exploring. Favorite several stockpiled Nuka-mixes and place them in your quickselect menu, then drink right before you deliver the killing blow to an enemy.

The flying robots in Galactic Zone are especially easy to kill quickly. Wait until you’ve lured out a swarm then attack. Otherwise, search for mounds of dirt outside the theme parks to find mutant ants or rats.

It’s best to earn this achievement / trophy before completing “The Grand Tour” — you’ll wipe out lots of enemies, and can earn this while completing the main quest.

  • Eyes on the Prize

“Redeem 100,000 tickets at the Nuka-Cade.”

The fun-times never stop at the Nuka-Cade. This all-ages arcade is located across the street from the Parlor and left of the archways leading to Fizztop Mountain plaza. Inside you’ll find multiple games that can be activated with Nuka Tokens. To acquire Nuka Tokens, use pre-war money on the dispensers.

What are Nuka Tokens for? They’re for earning Nuka Tickets! Tickets are the currency you’ll need to redeem to earn this achievement / trophy. To spend tickets, go to the prize terminal and select “Redeem” — now you can spend the tickets — but you don’t need to! Redeeming 100,000 tickets is all you have to accomplish here.

Fallout 4_20160830163947

Nuka Tickets are found in trashcans or in massive rolls in back offices or Employees Only areas. These giant rolls provide 750-1000 tickets, and you can game the system by saving/loading until you get a high amount.

Earning 100,000 tickets just might be the toughest trophy / achievement in Nuka-World. You’ll have to earn tickets, and we’ve got a quick strategy that just might help.

Nuka-Cade Ticket Farming Strategy:

Note: Any explosive legendary automatic gun will help, but the Spray N’ Pray is the most common. This gun can be purchased in the Commonwealth from a travelling NPC vendor named Cricket. Find them around Bunker Hill, Diamond City, Vault 81 or the Warwick Homestead.

  1. Collect plenty of Nuka Tokens. Search cash registers to find plenty of pre-war money and use the red dispensers inside the Nuka-Cade to collect the tokens.
  2. Use the Bandit Roundup game. This game is the easiest to cheat using an explosive legendary weapon.
  3. Aim for the upper-left and lower-right corners and shoot from the hip to easily clear every target.
  4. If you don’t have an explosive weapon, select a spot and simply target up or down to shoot targets. You can still earn an easy 700 tickets without an explosive legendary weapon.
  5. Using an explosive legendary weapon, you’re more likely to earn 1000 tickets for every session.

See why this might take awhile? Even if you manage a perfect game on Bandit Roundup, it might still require 100 sessions to earn all the tickets you need. Brutal!

  • The Grand Tour 

“Complete the Grand Tour”

Main Story Quest – Can’t be missed.

After arriving in Nuka-World, this quest sends the Sole Survivor to all five attractions outside Nuka-Town, USA. Upon entering a park, more requirements will pop and a short quest will help you solve whatever problems that park is experiencing. For instance; chasing down Oswald in Kiddie Kingdom or wiping out the Nuka-Lurks from the Bottling Plant.

Like the following achievements / trophies on this list, you’ll naturally encounter these quests as you progress through the Nuka-World DLC. Completing the named quest will unlock the achievement / trophy.

  • Taken for a Ride

“Complete Taken for a Ride”

Main Story Quest – Can’t be missed.

The first story quest introduces the Sole Survivor to Nuka-World. This Raider encampment is found by tuning your radio to the Nuka-World channel on the Pip-Boy. To access the DLC area, follow the steps below or check out the Nuka-World beginner’s guide here.

Fallout 4_20160829220533

  • After updating / installing the Nuka-World DLC, select the “Nuka-World Family Radio” option on the Radio tab. This starts the first quest, “All Aboard!”
  • Travel to the Nuka-World Transit Center on the far-western borders of the map.
  • Defeat the Gunners and enter the Nuka-World Transit Center. Talk to Harvey and resolve the situation, then reactivate the power to the train from the ticket office terminal.
  • Use the conductor’s seat to enter Nuka-World! Now you can fast-travel between maps by selecting “Commonwealth” or “Nuka-World” on each respective map.

Requirement: You must be at least Level 30 to begin the main quests. You can still explore Nuka-World and the DLC area at any time, however.

  • Home Sweet Home

“Complete Home Sweet Home”

Main Story Quest – Can’t be missed.

After completing this quest, you can begin assigning Raider Gangs to Commonwealth settlements and unlock the “Hostile Takeover” achievement / trophy. This quest comes right after “The Grand Tour” but before “Power Play.”

  • Power Play

“Complete Power Play”

Main Story Quest – Can’t be missed.

This is the final quest of the main story and leads to the power being restored to the Nuka-World theme park. Once the power is restored, you can collect the final Star Core located up the elevator in Starport Nuka.

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