Fallout 4: Nuka-World – Get Skills With These 5 Scav! Magazine Locations


Improve your Fallout 4 skills incrementally with another set of collectible magazine issues hidden around the post-apocalyptic Nuka-World add-on theme park.

Just like all the other reading material found in the Commonwealth, grabbing an issue of Scav! rewards your Sole Survivor with an instant skill upgrade. In this case, you’ll find increased weapon damage, improved speech check RNG scores, and even a hulk-like bonus when you’re dangerous low on funds. Learn all about these five magazines and where to find them with the guide below.

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Scav! Magazine Locations Guide

Scav! Magazines are unique collectibles only found in the Nuka-World themepark. Finding these magazines gives the player a permanent skill bonus, with a different bonus associated with each individual magazine. There are only five, and collected them all will unlock the “Diebrarian” achievement / trophy.


  • Scav! Magazine Issue #1: Galactic Zone – Find the Star Control building and follow the rounded exterior walls to a locked gate on the left. The Scav! magazine is found near a ruined bus, sitting next to a loot crate on the wooden boxes.
    • Reward: Increases speech challenge success chance.
  • Scav! Magazine Issue #2: Junkyard – On the western edges of the map, find the junkyard and go upstairs through the interior stairs. Follow the path around to a computer desk (just past the hanging yellow ride seat) — the issue is right there on the desk next to a locked safe.
    • Reward: +25% Combat Knife and Switchblade damage.
  • Scav! Magazine Issue #3: Kiddie Kingdom – Travel up to the northeast corner to discover the Fun House. Fight through the Hall of Mirrors and jump across the rotating platforms to reach the neon green spinners. Enter the tunnel on the right and continue ahead straight through another neon tunnel to find the issue in a dead-end corner.
    • Reward: +10% Hand to hand weapon damage.
  • Scav! Magazine Issue #4: Grandchester Mystery Mansion – Move down to the southwestern corner of the map to find the spooky mansion haunted by ghouls. Go through the whole tour and stop at the Exit sign — enter the employee’s only door (pick the lock) and take the stairs up to an abandoned workshop. Near the entrance to this room, look on your right to spot the issue on some wooden boxes, near a red handcart.
    • Reward: +5% explosives damage.
  • Scav! Magazine Issue #5: Dry Rock Gulch Employees Area – Enter the area of Dry Rock Gulch and look for a pair of red cargo containers with wooden boards leading up to the garage roof. Cross from the garage roof onto the central building roof to discover the last magazine on a circular wood table. This location can be reached after completing the main quest line.
    • Reward: +1 STR & +1 END if you have <= 10,000 caps / +2 STR & +2 END <= 1,000 Caps / +3 STR & +3 END <= 100 Caps.

That’s all five issues. Once you’ve found them all, the trophy / achievement will pop. Enjoy all your new ability upgrades — if you’re willing to spend those caps, Issue #5 is pretty powerful.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Diebrarian
    • Collect every issue of Scav! Magazine

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