Nvidia Creates Fallout 4 Vault 1080 Mod


When it comes to Bethesda video games, it seems that there is no shortage of fans releasing mods that not only help the game out visually but also allows new quests and storylines for gamers to unfold. Surprisingly, this latest mod for Fallout 4 comes from not a fan group, but instead Nvidia themselves.

Nvidia’s in-house team, Nvidia LightSpeed Studios, is known for releasing classic PC games for mobile devices along with their Nvidia Shield, however, the development team looked at Fallout 4 and created the mod known as Vault 1080.

Within Vault 1080, gamers will find a visual overhaul in a variety of areas such as lighting, shadows, and more. Though, besides the visual eye candy upgrades, the development team also placed an hour long frightful campaign to go through.

Essentially, players will stumble upon an old church Vault that has taken its congregation into a dark eerie twist.

“This is a big mod – equal in size to the other vaults spread across the commonwealth – with its own brand new questline. And it’s a Fallout vault like you’ve never seen before.

It’s certainly taken its toll on its occupants. They’ve become a congregation that embraces the darkness and sickness, and they’ve done it – so they believe – to survive. They’re not the friendliest bunch. But is the whole thing built on lies? The truth is deep within Vault 1080, through a whole lot of fearful mystery. Find it and decide for yourself whether the monsters deserve their salvation… or not.”

You can download the mod right now through the official GeForce website. Check out the Vault 1080 gallery images down below.