Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows Off New Titans

Console gamers have had the privilege to enjoy a pre-alpha multiplayer testing for the upcoming sequel to Titanfall, from the development team, Respawn Entertainment. Through the testing, gamers got a small taste of what’s to come when the full game releases. Additionally, players who hopped on the pre-alpha were able to try out two of the six confirmed Titan classes for Titanfall 2.

Today, Respawn Entertainment has released a new video that shows off a few Titan classes that will be coming to the game. Not only does the video show off their design and names, but it also gives a small section of gameplay to see how they handle in action.

The new Titans being shown off within the trailer are Tone, Northstar, Legion, Ronin, Ion, and lastly Scorch. All of which seem to have a variety of abilities unique compared to the others, though until the game releases, it’s tough to say if either of the Titans will need to be balanced.

So far, Titanfall 2 is still set to release on October 28, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox one. If you enjoyed the first Titanfall video game release, it’s worth mentioning that for the sequel, the developers have decided to include a full campaign to enjoy rather than a title strictly focusing on multiplayer combat.

For now, take a look at the Meet The Titans trailer which is available above along with the game gallery down below.