Play Fallout: New Vegas Through YouTube

If you never played Fallout: New Vegas, a video game that originally released back in 2010 for the PC, PlayStation 3, along with the Xbox One,  and don’t have any desire for picking the game up then check out this alternative. One YouTuber managed to create a choose your own adventure style YouTube series based off the video game.

Choose Your Own Adventure-style video games are starting to pop up a bit more frequently, after all, we recently reviewed Stories: Path of Destines, a video game that’s heavily influenced by the old school choose your own adventure books. One YouTuber, Many A True Nerd, has recorded several videos in which players will go through the game, but at the end, there will be choices to decide on where the story goes next.

The first video starts players off at the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas which ultimately pins them between two choices, “Head to Nipton via Primm” or “Head to Vegas via Sloan”.  Make that choice and start your adventure by checking out the video above.

A quick note you’ll want to take down before you start your adventure through the Fallout: New Vegas wasteland. The creator of this video series asks players to use a desktop PC as the series will use the on-screen annotations to determine between the various choices at the end of each video. However, YouTuber Many A True Nerd has made mention that he will put the choices within the video descriptions for those who decide to watch the series through devices like tablets or smartphones.