Now You Can Get in On Overland


The squad-based survival strategy title called Overland had a limited alpha program going on up until this point in it’s development. It did this thing where it released keys in small waves. Now that’s changing. You can jump in on the action of the game by going over to their website and buying it. No other strings attached.

What’s Overland? You’re cast out into a procedurally generated set of levels in a North American landscape after the apocalypse. You got to make hard choices in this strange new world, and manage your travel supplies carefully in order to survive. You’ll collect weapons and other assorted items on your trip, with your destination being the heart of the Earth-shattering event itself.

Overland comes out “When The World Ends” according to their Steam page, for PC (Mac/Linux). To learn more about the game, check out their website and Twitter.