Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Corvo Bianco Vineyard Upgrades Guide


Early in Geralt’s journey into Toussaint, the new Blood and Wine DLC region for The Witcher 3, the Duchess will reward our pale monster hunter-for-hire with his very own vineyard. This old estate, called Corvo Bianco, can be upgraded to include a number of useful resources. Renovating the orchard doesn’t come cheap, and even the simple bed will cost a fat stack of gold to add. Below you’ll find all the info related to Corvo Bianco, like how to upgrade, and what each of the upgrades can do for you.

Blood and Wine is said to include 30+ hours of gameplay, and CD Projekt Red says the Duchy of Toussaint covers as much (or more) ground than Novigrad or No Man’s Land. That should give you plenty of time to get acquainted with your HQ. Corvo Bianco is a shadow of its former self, driven into ruin by two failed planters and left to rot under the tutelage of the state. If Geralt is interested in investing his extra cash, there are plenty of ways to enhance the vineyard, and we’ve got them all listed right here.

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Corvo Bianco is a personal vineyard given to Geralt by the Duchess Anna Henrietta. The location includes a servant Majordomo that oversees renovations — at a cost in crowns. To upgrade the location, speak with your Majordomo and select “Think we can do some renovating” dialogue option while in conversation.

  • How to Earn Corvo Bianco: The vineyard is rewarded to Geralt during the Main Quest “The Beast of Toussaint” by the Duchess.

All upgrades require gold (crowns) to purchase and in-game time to complete.

List of Upgrades:

  • Bed
    • Effect: Bonus to Vitality Buff after sleeping.
  • Grindstone 
    • Effect: Allows Geralt to buff armor.
  • Library
    • Effect: Bonus to Combat XP gain after sleeping.
  • Stables
    • Effect: Bonus to Roache’s Stamina Buff after sleeping.
  • Alchemy Lab
    • Effect: Crafted Bombs / Potions gain +1 charge.
  • Gardens
    • Effect: Grow alchemical crafting material plants.
  • Guest Room
    • Effect: Allows Geralt to invite past friends to Corvo Bianco.
  • Weapon Racks / Armor Stands
    • Effect: Allows Geralt to display weapons and armor sets.

Upgrading the settlement turns the rundown vineyard into a thriving palace where you can collect new crafting materials, improve armor and weapons, or enjoy time with your friends from the vanilla campaign. It’s a mildly expensive endeavor, so make sure to save those crowns between quests if you’re looking for 100% completion. It’ll cost Geralt about 14,000 gold when all is said and done to fully upgrade Corvo Bianco.

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