Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Armor Dyes Locations & Crafting Guide


Improve the look of your armor in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine with these Toussaint-only armor dyes. Either purchased from vendors or found in the environment, dyes allow Geralt to alter the color of his armor, switching to any of the spectrum to stand-out from the crowd. This feature is totally exclusive to Blood and Wine and the procedure can only be accomplished in lovely Toussaint, so don’t think about selling those dyes.

Dye doesn’t make your armor any stronger or faster, but it does help if you’re the type that loves to color coordinate. These options are purely for cosmetic purposes and won’t change anything about the game — except that Geralt can now hunt in your favorite color in the rainbow. Learn to appreciate your personal brand, and how to improve it with a splash of color, using all the info on dyes available below.

Unique Weapons Locations

Dyes are a unique consumable resource found only in the Toussaint region. Dyes are found sold through vendors, dropped by enemies, or found in the environment. There are multiple colors, and each shade can change your armor’s look in unexpected ways.

On the armor-equipment menu, you’ll find a new option. Here you can preview any dyes you’ve obtained and apply them to armor, or remove dyes with the dye remover option.

  • Dyes can only be applied to Witcher armor sets.

Where to Find Dyes:

Vendor – Toussaint Region:

  • Beauclair – Dye Merchant
    • Find this merchant in eastern Beauclair on the beach near a small inlet. There are dye stains and workers mixing colors all over the beach — he’s hard to miss.
    • The vendor sells every type of dye and dye removal:
      • Dye Remover
      • Gray Dye
      • Turquoise Dye
      • Brown Dye
      • Green Dye
      • Blue Dye
      • Orange Dye
      • Pink Dye
      • Yellow Dye
    • Dye costs about 1,000~ gold per unit.

Exploration – Toussaint Region:

  • Underwater Cavern – (1) Orange armor dye, (1) Blue armor dye, (1) Green armor dye, (1) Brown armor dye
    • During the quest “Turn and Face the Strange” Geralt will explore underground ruins near Mere-Lachaiselongue Cemetery.
    • Beyond the chamber with the Professor’s Diary Entry, defeat the guardian and continue toward the exit door. The dyes are found in the container to the right of the door.


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