Witcher 3: ‘Turn and Face the Strange’ DLC Puzzle Solutions


To unlock the new Blood and Wine mutation upgrades, Geralt must complete a Side Quest called “Turn and Face the Strange.” The dungeon isn’t just filled with dangerous monsters — it’s also loaded with puzzles. If you’re having trouble solving the professor’s maze and need help, you’ll find all the answers below. Just scroll down to point Geralt in the right direction.

The Toussaint region and mutations are recommended for players at level 34+ — not as steep as the level 40+ requirement for the DLC-only Grandmaster Witcher armor sets. The level cap got an upgrade too, now allowing content-hungry RPG maniacs to work up to level 100 if they so desire. Basically, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn ability points for these twelve mutations, even if you were previously max level in the vanilla campaign.

‘Turn and Face the Strange’ DLC Puzzle Solutions

The Side Quest ‘Turn and Face the Strange’ unlocks the mutations upgrade tree for Geralt. This new progression system requires ability points and mutagens, but the results can be incredibly powerful. Certain mutagens provide a stacking combat combo damage bonus, while others instantly revive Geralt after he falls in combat.

Learn all the effects on our Witcher 3: Blood and Wine mutagens guide.

  • How to Start ‘Turn and Face the Strange’:
    • Enter the region of Toussaint and complete Main Quests until Geralt completes ‘Blood Run’.
    • Travel to the city of Beauclair and a young messenger will arrive with a letter from Yennifer.
    • Read the letter to begin ‘Turn and Face the Strange’.

Start the quest and follow the clues to reach the Professor’s lair. Eventually you’ll reach several puzzles.

  • Pressure Pads Puzzle:
    • In the room with the locked door, you’ll need to press four pressure pads. Use Aard Sign to impact the pads flanking the exit door and the pad on the wall to the right. Use your crossbow to shoot the pad attached to the wall hanging over the bottomless pit.
  • Statues & Portals Puzzle:
    • In the room with four deactivated portals, kill the gargoyle and collect his hand from the corpse. Attach the quest item to the altar in the center of the room beneath the statue to reactivate all four portals.
    • Pay attention to the direction each statue is facing. The statue’s direction points toward the correct portal to enter in each sequence.

Once you reach the laboratory inner sanctum, locate the five audio entries. Geralt only needs to listen to the 5th entry to complete this part of the quest.

Finally, unequip all of Geralt’s clothes and interact with the Iron Maiden to complete the Side Quest and unlock the 12 mutation abilities.

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