Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – How to Access the DLC


CD Projekt RED expands The Witcher 3 with its largest expansion to date, Blood and Wine, and if you’re not entirely sure where to start, we’ve found the means to reach the all-new, all-massive Toussaint region.

Removing Geralt from the festered battlefields of Wild Hunt, you’ll have a beautiful country-side to explore where high-class indulgence meets bloody secrets from an ancient past. Because Geralt can never relax for long, you’ll find a new roster of monsters to hunt, along with hours of side-quests and a complex mystery to resolve. Learn how to get started with the simple step-by-step instructions here.

How to Access the DLC

The Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3 can be accessed before and after New Game+. The quests are designed for Geralt at Level 34+ and will prove too difficult for low-level heroes.

To reach the new region of Toussaint, follow the simple steps below to get started.

  1. Travel to Velen and check the job notice board. Take the note titled “Appeal to Sir Geralt of Rivia, the Bridge his Crest”
  2. Taking this notice will start the first Blood and Wine main quest “Envoys, Wineboys.”
  3. Follow the waypoint marker to meet with the Toussaint Knights.
  4. After helping¬†the Knights and completing the quest, you’ll gain access to the region of Toussaint.


This high-level region features 90 new quests, 30 new weapons, and 20 new monsters to destroy. The area is comparable in size to Novigrad and No Man’s Land, and the developers report you’ll have over 25 hours of gameplay to contend with.

If the DLC measures up to the high-quality of vanilla Witcher 3, reviewed here, then this should be an add-on for the ages. Don’t forget to keep checking back here on Gameranx as we detail every aspect of this expansion, and drop us a comment if there’s anything you’d like to see, want to learn, or think we missed.

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